Playing With Colorful Lights

Yuhuuu...it's been a while since my last post. What? It's only yesterday since my last post? Now you'reading 😂😂😂

Hehehee...last month was my very busy days...annnndddd i forgot to post my colordul lights experiment!

Well, here it issss...hope you'd enjoy them! 😊😊😊

The Lodge Maribaya

Sebetulnya kami jarang sekali merencanakan liburan dari jauh-jauh hari. Namun kemarin tanggal 6 akhirnya kami memutuskan untuk jalan-jalan ke lembang. Melihat beberapa teman yang sudah pernah ke The Lodge Maribaya, kami pun tertarik untuk kesana. Pas banget tanggal 7 februari si baby huey kesayangan berulang tahun. 

Tadinya kami pikir weekdays gak akan terlalu ramai, namun begitu tiba di The Lodge selasa itu ternyata ramaiiii...hahhaaa...tapi tentu saja gak mengurungkan niat kami untuk mengeksplor The Lodge hingga maghrib. Walaupun harus mengantri cukup lama tapi ternyata kelelahan kami menunggu terbayarkan dengan hasil foto dari para crew The Lodge yang keren bangeetttt dan view yang gak habis-habis kerennyaaa 😊

Selain terpukau sama pemandangan, gue dan baby huey pun terpukau sama gear yang dipake sama crew -nya The Lodge, yah seperti yang kalian lihat hasil fotonya di bawah tulisan ini, yah maapin yaaa karena gue dan baby huey juga kang poto maka keliatan kan kalo kayaknya gw perlu kasih data teknis gear yang dipake 😂 Yes, Canon Eos 5D mark III dengan lensa L series 70 - 200 mm. WOH! ngiler!


Addie MS interview for framed.id

Addie MS
The simphony of life of a great composer

Addie MS was born in Jakarta on 7 October 1959 to a tile factory owner and his wife, the third of eight children. His family on his mother's side was musically inclined, with most of his female relatives able to play the piano. As a child and teenager he was rebellious, to the point that he changed middle schools three times in as many years and often went truant. When he was 12 he received a secondhand piano, which he learned to play.

Young Addie assisted several musicians such as Keenan Nasution put on shows. He also participated in the production of the albums ‘Karya Cipta Guruh Sukarnoputra’ and ‘Lomba Cipta Lagu Remaja’, Prambors. After high school, He attempted to go to university, first at Trisakti University then at Krisnadwipayana University. But in 1984 he abandoned his studies when he was asked by composer Titiek Hamzah to conduct the orchestra in a pop song competition in Vina del Mar, Chile to perform her song which won second place at the competition.

After failing to finish his university studies, Addie focused entirely on music. His first forays were into pop music, but in 1991 he abandoned the genre for classical music by dedicating himself entirely to his new orchestra. Since then, he has continued to conduct Twilite Orchestra, although he occasionally ventures into film soundtracks and pop songs.

Addie was married to Memes (Meidyana Maimunah). His love and marriage life is appluded by many since he is one of the Indonesians celebrities whose personal life seems to be intact and remain harmonious, unlike many others. A father of two, Kevin Aprilio and Tristan Juliano, makes his own remarks as an Indonesian great composer.

What was Addie MS look like as child?
When I was little I tend to be introverted, shy, and very confident of being in the crowds. I discovered a love of music when I was given a second-hand piano when I was around 13 years old. I feel very close to music since then.

Do you have this musical talent from the family?
I think it’s from my mother. She was a big fan of classical music. She’s the only person who often played classical music cassette at home.

Why music?
Actually, I don’t know, it all came to me just like that.

What is it like to be a conductor?
Being me, as a conductor, arranger, producer, this is my job. I am happy to do the job that I love. It is inconceivable how it feels when I have to do the work that I don’t like. For me it could be horrible.

As a professional musician like you are now, can you tell us about your educational background?
After I graduated from high school, I was invited by Idris Sadri to play the piano on his works, and then I became acquainted with some senior musicians like Keenan Nasution, Gank Pegangsaan. They are my seniors, I often being invited on their music exercises. I made the arrangements for Keenan Nasution project on ‘Nuansa Bening’ album, ‘Cakrawala Senja’. Alhamdulillah the songs were successful.

Titi Hamzah, one of my senior songwriter. I was asked to make the arrangements of songs that she created, which were in the final competition of international songwriting festival in Vina del Mar, Chile.
And suddenly she asked me to lead the orchestra at the festival. Though I had never led any orchestra anywhere before. I am not confident at that time, when I say my objection to Titi Hamzah, she gives the option that she will not use my music arrangements of the songs I made for her if I wasn’t willing to lead the orchestra.

I had no choice. At that time I had less than a month to learn and practice conducting. And finally I was desperate. And it turns out the song became the second winner in the world, beating the United States.

At that time I was studying in Unkris (Universitas Krisnadwipayana) with a major in economics. Memes’s parents actually a very educated kind of persons, so they asked me to continue my formal education. So I tried to take a formal college education. Though basically I've loved music so bad, but because of my own love for the woman who has now given me two boys was very great, so I did.

As long as I blasted the world in a higher education, a lot of events that makes me feel this formal educational thing was not very suitable. And at the same time, we won the events in Chile, this make the round of my determination to leave the world of college. I contacted one of my friends and said goodbye to him and I'm not going back to school. [laugh]

After that I told Memes, like it or not, her parents should accept my circumstances to drop out of college and chose my path [Laugh]. Overall, my life is just for the music.

So after returning from Chile the identity of Addie MS has been found?
Absolutely [laugh]. I have found my own identity in music. This is not only about the victory, because it is a song by Titi Hamzah, but I also feel like taking part of it and I am very happy. And I say goodbye to the economy [laugh].

How do you describe your music?
I love the elegance, whatever the form, such as advertising, song of the young. But if there is a challenge there then I would be very happy to make it. So, elegance and perfection would be exactly describing my music.

Besides music, what things attract the attention of Addie MS?
Besides music, I love reading, lounging in the park while smoking a cigar.

What is the meaning of family for Addie MS?
The family is where I go home to. After a day of work, then my family is the right place. In fact, most of my work was also done at home [laugh].

As a father figure, what kind of value imparted to children? What do you want to inherit?
The most important thing that my kids have to remember is trust and reputation or a good name. I always remind them that it is very hard to earn the trust.

During your journey of life in music, is there any moments that you won’t forget?
The most memorable moment for me was when I was performing at a concert in Germany. Indonesian orchestra previously never appeared in mainland Europe. And at that time I was the only conductor who can play there, especially in Berlin. That was in 2012, before I did a survey and met with the manager of the building where I would do the concert. He then guessed that I would bring gamelan music, but then I explained that I would bring symphony music as in Europe. And he was not very sure about what I’ve said.

Three months later we play there, and when the concert ended around 90% of the audience gave a standing ovation. And when I get off the stage, I met with the building manager again and he said "Bravo, maestro". That was a very unforgettable moment.

So what does it take to become a musician like Addie MS?
I think the hard work is very important. And don’t talk about talent, because often talks about talent makes us have no excuse not to work hard and fight. Though often that success comes from hard work, not only from talents.

What’s your biggest achievement?
Actually that symphonic music is a passion for me. I don’t think for any achievements. But when I look back, I could have done enough to transmit the love of symphonic music to the youth, and for Indonesia in various ways. And I feel that is my accomplishments up to now.

What is your  value of life?
Life is a value in itself. As Einstein once said, "Try not to be a man of success, but try to be a man with value". For me it is already describe the values ​​that I profess in life. So always do what is beneficial to the surrounding.

Have you ever regretted anything?
I think every human being has a feeling of regret. But I was the one who didn’t want to drag a regret. Because of what has passed so let it through.

What do you do when experiencing a creative block?
I would definitely stop for a moment, I didn’t do anything before I finally calmed down. Or I did the thing that had nothing to do with what I do, like not listening to music is one of the ideas.

Please describe yourself in three words
Perfectionist, simple, casual

Tips for young generations?
A Hard work will do. Leveraging the ease of technology to find as much information as reference, and certainly not easy to give up and work smart.

Of all the profound questions, can you conclude who is actually Addie MS?
Addie MS is a musician artist from Indonesia who is trying to give the merit and good influence for the nation through his world, namely music.

Short Getaway to Anyer

Always excited to have a short getaway! My hubby and I went to Anyer and stay a night at Mambruk Cottage yesterday. It was fun!


Bali escape 16 - 20 February 2016 pt.1

Well, having fun in our short holiday might be the title. Me and my babybhuey went to Bali with one of my best friend's family (Ayu, Mas Dari, and Lady their little girl).

Our first night is horrible 😂😂😂 well, it's not that bad, bud me and Ayu haven't booked any hotels for our first night in Bali. We only booked 2 hotels for yoir second day and the other one was for our third and forth day.

But no worries, after the rental car has arrived, we go straight to the hotels that located near from the airport. And we finally found one. Well, it's not the best but we finally get the hot water for bath and a nice sheet on bed 😂

The second day we moved to Kutabex hitel that located in Kuta, the hotel has infinity pool on their rooftop, it was amazing!

After a splash-splash on the jacuzzi, we went to Melasti beach, Kuta beach and so on and so on!

Bali Escape 16 - 20 February 2016 pt.2

Uluwatu hidden beach and Melasti beach