Chronicle – Where Coffee Meets Cocktails

This sister restaurant of the renowned coffee shop, Common Grounds nestled itself in front of Dharmawangsa Square earler this month. Embellishing itself with a cozy, and homey feel - Chronicle answers the need for both coffee & cocktail addict with their thrilling menus.


Like other coffee places, Chronicle has same the type of decoration, there’s not many colors adorn the space. This place is more like simple with woodenly ambience, and very cozy. Newly opened on 12 November and built on the idea of a newspaper, Chronicle represents the needs of the coffee drinkers and cocktail lovers because both are provided here.


“Chronicle is actually a newspaper name at San Fransisco. We wanted to provide people with coffee, cocktails, and food as their everyday ritual, just like daily paper,” Hanna Tjin explained.


Chronicle is a sister company of one of the well-known coffee shop in the Sudirman area, namely the Common Grounds Jakarta. So no wonder we'll find Common Grounds Coffee being used there.


Hanna welcomed us and let us try Chronicle Benedict, beef bacon wrapped poached egg served on garlic toasted yummy bread. This is one of the best menu here.


Lobster Roll, the lobster was beautifully seasoned with diced avocado, tomatoes and all together tossed in their special mayo sauce and citrus flavor, and the bun was perfectly semi-crunchy and goes with the awesome french fries.



One of the cocktails recommended by Hanna, who also mixologist cocktails here, namely Sorbet Mimosa. Actually this is one of Hanna's own creations, alcoholic orange sorbet served cold collaborate with champange which is very fresh and tasted very good.



Their copper coffee sets and prism coffee cups are also unique, this place is still the only place who mixed and served tea and coffee using copper sets.


And, their artisan tea closed the day. They have White Peony, Lemongrass Ginger and Hibiscus Blackcurrant from Jing.

Jl. Wijaya 2 No. 73
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12160
0821 8888 1538


Tredici Ristorante - Little Italy in the Heart of Jakarta

Tredici, which is 'thirteen' in Italian - represents the 13 shareholders. The place envisioned itself to be a homey Italian restaurant to offer authentic Italian food, done the right and proper way.

The ambiance and decor was as praiseworthy as their food. Set up to be a what seem to be a very rustic villa in Italy, with all those wood material applied all over the interior, jazz music playing along, dim warm lighting and simply the whole little trinkets. Decked out in blue and white with light wood and faux grass covering one wall, it possesses all the elements of a laid back chic restaurant.

WNJ first arrival was awesome, Stella, one of the owners kindly took us around the place.  The place was very nice. Stella also told us that the owners wants this place to be more like a small villa in Italy, where the ambience is really warm and just exactly like Tredici wants us to feel. The outdoor area is not exactly outdoor, it is more like the area with more access to the natural light. So, you don’t have to worry when the rain comes, you won’t be wet ;)

As for the menu, they have Italian, off course! Every customer who came will get their Complimentary Bread. The bread was homemade by Tredici, you must have them while they're still warm, the cheese stick is very tasty, the bread is also great and crunchy.  The basket portion came with pesto sauce for dipping, which was really good for a starter. 

After we had our complimentary bread, we had Tortellini Di Zucca; pumpkin tortellini, mushroom, sausage, butter sage sauce. It is a typical Christmas dish, but most Italian people love it throughout the whole winter with the wonderfully thick-fleshed, orange-red pumpkin.

When it comes to Italian, then there always be risotto, try their Arancini Balls; Italian risotto balls, contains turkey, mushroom, truffle oil, coated with breadcrumbs and deep fried, comes with marinara sauce.  A different way to enjoy risotto, Yummy!

Pizza! Tredici made their Mare Pizza very good.  It is a thin crust pizza topped with mozzarella cheese, with the tomato sauce, squid, shrimp, mussels, and the green olives. This restaurant cooks their pizzas the Italian way in a wood fire oven.

The must try dessert here is; Crespella Nocciola, a homemade crepe with banana brulee, hazelnut chocolate, and vanilla gelato.

For more information, they also have turkey menu, Tacchino Delle Feste;  turkey steak, with brandy cream gravy and homemade blueberry jam, goes with stewed vegetable and mashed potato. And also one of their signature menu; Costole Di Maiale Alla Trentina, it’s grilled pork chops with apple mustard sauce, potato gratin, and sauteed season vegetables.

Oh ya, they also have a bar upstairs, namely 13 Monkeys with Carson Quinn as the consultant. This one you should check out also!

All Italian goodness are here, the ambiance and decor was as praiseworthy as their food, so what are you waiting for?

Jl. Suryo No. 42
Senopati, Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta 12190
021 - 720 4567 

Outback Steakhouse, Have a Grill Party in a Country-Styled Modern Restaurant

Outback Steakhouse is an Australian themed steakhouse restaurant. Although beef and steak items make up a good portion of the menu, the concept offers a variety of chicken, ribs, seafood, and also pasta dishes. The Company's strategy is to differentiate its restaurants by emphasizing consistently high-quality food and service, generous portions at moderate prices and a casual atmosphere suggestive of the Australian Outback. Here in Jakarta, where we can also enjoy this quality steaks. You have to try original Outback Steakhouse of America here in Jakarta. This restaurant has three branches in Jakarta. There are at Pondok Indah Mall 1, Ratu Plaza, and Kuningan City, and the next 4th store will open soon at St Moritz by middle of January 2015. All Western-style menus, as well as interior and atmosphere round wooden bar like you're in cowboy country.

WhatsNewJakarta is very happy to have dining experience at one of their branch, Pondok Indah Mall. Ditha Fitriana the Marketing Manager invited us to have a casual meeting and lunch last week. “Every item is thoroughly prepared and inspected in accordance with Outback’s standards,” said Ditha on our early arrival. The restaurant prides itself in sourcing the best quality ingredients – starting everyday fresh, and making every one of the soups, salad dressings and sauces from scratch.

This restaurant is truly brings you to the Australian ambience. Your dining experience will be transported into the restaurant’s lush and colorful backdrop of the Australian outback adorned with contemporary decors inspired by the Australian aboriginal art. Warm lights set on the ceiling, cozy booths, and walls painted in vibrant earth tones bring out a casual and laid-back ambiance – a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of big city.


Completing the ultimate culinary adventure are the delectable and mouth-watering dishes sure to satisfy the diverse gustatory cravings. At Outback Steakhouse, you not only can enjoy quality steak, but also a variety of tempting appetizers. Start whetting your appetite with Aussie-tizers to share such as Crispy Calamari. Seasoned calamari, lightly breaded and fried to a tender, crispy, golden brown, and served with marinara sauce.


The first main menu brought to us is Toowoomba Topped Sirloin, sauteed shrimp and button mushrooms tossed in a tomato cream sauce and served over a seasoned and seared sirloin. Served with choice of two freshly made sides, French fries or mashed potato.


The next menu is Filet Oscar, a seasoned filet topped with grilled shrimp asparagus and hollandaise sauce, served with choices of two freshly made sides. I choose the right one, the mashed potato was very soft, and savor. Combined with the filet, this is the best collaboration!


The best rib eye in town is founded here! This is the steak lover’s steak. Well-marbled, juicy and savory. Have it seasoned and seared with their secret seasoning blend or chargrilled over an open flame. Combined with their mashed potato, I think this rib eye will fill up your lunch or dinner.

Before these each juicy and delicious steak is delivered to you, it is hand-selected, aged just right, inspected and trimmed. Then it is expertly seasoned and seared over a red hot grill to seal in its bold flavors. This is the best place to eat, I am telling you ;)


Although best known for steaks, Outback also encompasses various food palettes with its wide array of appetizers, seafood, pastas, and other meaty food fare. For the dessert, finally we ended our meal with a sweet note with Cinnamon Oblivion. Vanilla ice cream topped with fresh, warm cinnamon apples, cinnamon croutons, pecans, caramel sauce and whipped cream. This dessert is one thing you will never want to miss!


Cherry Limeade is perfect to cover the hot day! The red colored water splash contained with red cherries, tart lime and a sparkle of Sprite team up for this quenching summery drink.


Peach mojito, is a twist on the traditional mojito! A tasty blend of Bacardi Limon, fresh lime and mint topped with Sprite, very refreshing!

Pondok Indah Mall 1 | 1st Floor Unit 153 B | JL. Metro Pondok Indah Blok III B | South Jakarta | Ph: +6221 7506771

Ratu Plaza | Ground Floor Unit G010 | JL. Jend. Sudirman No. 9 | Central Jakarta | Ph: +6221 7252188

Kuningan City | Ground Floor Unit G11-G15 | JL. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav 18 | South Jakarta | Ph: +6221 30480505


Soupanova Ecosky - The Highest Garden Restaurant, Bar & Lounge in Jakarta

Can you imagine visiting a nice outdoor garden in a roof top building facing Jakarta’s landscape from 23rd floors? You should come to Soupanova Ecosky, this place combine café, restaurant, bar and club on one location wrapped with berlin-style, that are unique in atmosphere and character.

The interior consists of reused materials - the floor, bar and open-air kitchen for example are made of wood from decommissioned ships of the port of Jakarta - so this is one way to save the trees.

Soupanova Ecosky has its own individual ambience with the typical rice field terraces of Ubud at the center of it. The owner wants to bring Berliner retro vintage underground concept with a little touch of Asian. Placed right next to Jakarta Outer Ring Road, this place is amazingly existed!

Soupanova has its roots and background in Berlin vivid bar and restaurant scene. The famous underground clubs Soupanova - formerly Intersoup has been already over ten years of experience. Soupanova Jakarta created these typical locations with a typical style, which they refer to as berlin-style, that are unique in atmosphere and character.

The location can be used for all kinds of cultural events as well as private parties for different occasions. Interiors and design of the locations refer to vintage and sustainable objects. Artifacts from over the last 50 Decades (especially 50s and 60s) are combined with objects creating an international flair for relaxed and open minded adults. Surprisingly, they bought all the details from German.

Our first arrival was so pleasant, Patricia Gansy The PR & Marketing of this unbelievable place took the perfect time to meet us. 4pm in the afternoon is closed to the golden sun light and perfect time to record their signature dish and ambience.

Kartoffelnsalat was the first dish delivered to our table. I think this is the most delicious potatoes salad with gherkin sour, onions, appel & chives. It tasted very fit for a starter. The apples cut into small pieces, mixed with boiled potato pieces that are not too soft. So it is still have the crunchy side all over. Very yummy!

Patricia offered one of their signature menu, The Rindergulash. It is actually German beef goulash recipe contains with Beef Gulash stewed red wine with onions & homemade spätzle. The meat is very juicy and also tender, you can even feel like in Hungary when you eat it, well it is one of Hungary special dish but often founded in German area also. It is sweet, combine with savory and sourness very perfect in your mouth.

The rindergulash was served with spätzle. Spätzle is a popular side dish in the southwest region of German. The Spätzle is quite similar with macaroni but in a different form. And then the salad, fresh and very juicy completed this dish. Again, the dish is very rich in flavor has just been revealed!

Eating is believing. I believe when you have your meals here, you will find so many treasure. A little chat with Patricia, said that 90% all the furniture and trinkets were from Germany. Including the bench, table, oh and guess what? They even got an old conventional vinyl player that is still functioning and an old accordion too. Cool!

Okay back to the menu, we had Vanilla Cheese Cake with berry compote sauce for tdessert. Very soft and light, you’ll never got the chance to chew. Except for the berry off course ;)

Sipping their favorite mocktail in the afternoon by heights of 23rd floor; Virgin Pina Colada, coconut cream, pineapple fruit, pineapple juice and brown sugar was very refreshing.

Soupanova signature drink, named after the place itself, Soupanova. Contains with vodka, honey, lime, pineapple juice, guava juice, and kaffir leaf.

Well, this is the highest garden restaurant in South Jakarta, the warm ambience inside out can bring you the perfect time to pamper yourself with friends and loved ones. Come and see for yourself!

GKM Tower, 23rd fl
Jalan T.B. Simatupang Kav. 89 G
Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan
021 - 2787 8017

Opening Hours:
Mon - Thu, Sun: 12 PM - 12 AM
Weekends: 1 PM - 3 AM (Currently open 3 PM)
TWITTER: @SoupanovaEcoSky

GKM Tower, 23rd fl
Jalan T.B. Simatupang Kav. 89 G
Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan
021 - 2787 8017

Opening Hours:
Mon - Thu, Sun: 12 PM - 12 AM
Weekends: 1 PM - 3 AM (Currently open 3 PM)
TWITTER: @SoupanovaEcoSky