My (surprise) birthday!

I have crazy friends. Yes indeed, crazy as hell! But i love them...

Last november on 26th, was my birthday. Together with my baby huey these crazy friends made me a surprise birthday party at my friend's cafe.

Thank god it was awesome! Thank you my baby huey, thank you guys 😘😘😘 BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!


Gianobel is coming to j-town!

My fave nephew Gianobel from surabaya is coming to j-town this holiday.

He arrived last friday, and on saturday we went to bryan's wedding, he's our cousin from Gianobel's daddy.

On saturday, we went to snowbay tmii for swimming 😍😍😍

Windy afternoon


About Fashion

Wear anything you like. But never a mask. Once you wear a mask, you will live in it forever. And you will be the most hypocrite creature that God will ever want to create 😊😉


Bon Jovi Live in Jakarta 11 September 2015

Last minutes when i got to buy the ticket! Finally! After a very long wait, well since 1995 Bon Jovi was helding theis concert here in indonesia, i guess this is the last tour for them.

The chance took my guts to buy the ticket, but really, it worth the wait!

Abe and cherry Wedding (SaungFamily member)

One of my best best friend at Saung Family finally getting married! Abe finally found someone that will accompany him for the rest of his life, Cherry 😍

The wedding was awesome! We the family of Saung, which we were besties since college, Saung Family amwere get the chance to gather and have a small reunion at Abe and Cherry's wedding last Saturday 😍

I totally missed the so much and really had a great time together!


Ariana Grande The Honeymoon Tour Jakarta 2015

I got the chance to see Ariana Grande concert on August 26th 2015 at PRJ Kemayoran, in this case i represent Male Emporium Asia Magazine.

Got lots of photoshots and these are my best:


STP - IISIP ReuniVaganza 30 August 2015

Halooo...it's been a while since my last post...well...been busy doing things and going here and there 😉

Well, tonight i just want to update about my collage reunion called STP - IISIP ReuniVaganza. STP stands for Sekolah Tinggi Publisistik, it was my campus old name befor it turned to IISIP (Institut Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik) Jakarta.

The reunion was great, not only collides with the class of 1970's - 2010, but we also get the chance to see Iwan Fals on stage! Yes , he once also studied at STP.

It was great to meet all of my friends...some of them i didn't know...but most of them i knew for such a long time ago! ahahahaha

Here's some of the picures i would like to share: