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I installed this application on my gnote.
Sketchbook, yup it is the application. I thought it was easy to make an art. But it took me like two hours straight to finish this drawing.
Turns out i like it so much. Not only about the result, but actually i enjoyed the process also :))

Happy friday all!

It's friday everyone...happy weekend on the next day!


The Immigrant Dining Room: Are You Ready to Migrate?

Immigrant, who has for years matured into becoming one of Jakarta’s iconic nightlife destinations, is proud to rekindle its epicurean roots this month with the introduction of an all-new Immigrant Dining Room.


Taking a spot within Immigrant’s sprawling block on Plaza Indonesia’s 6th Floor, the Dining Room is a new entity birthed from the aspiration to offer valued ‘migrants’ a better place to eat and interact, away from the glittery – albeit trendy – club vibes.


In the words of Immigrant founder Christoph Darjanto, the Dining Room marks a new milestone in the history of Immigrant as a social establishment: “Five years is an important point in the journey of many institutions, and we have taken in our clientele’s input for a space where cultures and cliques can commune while tasting the best that contemporary dining has to offer. This we seek to present in the Immigrant Dining Room.”

The driving concept behind the new eatery still harks back to what makes Immigrant unique in the first place. “We continue looking back into defining eras in history to create a melting pot that is both casual and sophisticated, industrial and glamorous,” says Christoph. Drawing on this spirit of fusion, project spearhead Willis Kusuma Architects settled on a modern take of a traditional bistro with one-of-a-kind contemporary details.


From Art Deco touches that evoke the energy of the Roaring 20s to the homey feel of a 60s diner (leather booths anyone?) to the retro-futurist influences of industrial metal, all design elements are meticulously brought together within the Dining Room’s 400-plus sqm area. Furthermore, sash windows overlooking Jakarta cityscape give off that fresh semi-alfresco dining experience whenever weather permits.

Materials used in construction are a combination of exquisite (marble, leather) and earthy (galvanized metal, copper, custom ceramic tiles) to amplify that cool-yet-cozy mood to encourage guests to relax, put their feet up and chill. The Dining Room also sports a bar, a semi-private alcove and both smoking and non-smoking areas. Its 140 seats beckon diners and socialites while banquet options are available for groups pining for a more intimate gathering.

Menu-wise, the Dining Room harkens to years of experience resulting in a personal culinary growth and exciting kitchen explorations. The result is a menu of tried-and-true dishes with just enough twist to make them stand out.

Aragula Salad, is one of their must-try salad. contained with rocket lettuce, crispy prosciutto, pears, walnut, braised shallots, parmesan tuille, blue cheese and orange dressing. Very light and tasty!

They served us their all-day options named Portobello Mushrooms (baked with smoked beef chorizo, mozzarella cheese, thyme & double cream). Tasted creamy, it is perfect for appetizer.


More, for the main dish, they served us their most wanted main menu; Iga Bakar Bumbu Bali, it is Balinese inspired barbecued ribs, prove a treat for the discerning diner. The meat was so tender and the seasonings are perfectly marinate!


They still have many more great dishes, such as Tea-Smoked Salmon Omelet (with garlic sautéed mushrooms, roasted baby tomatoes & lemon fraiche) and Herb-crusted Foie Gras (pan seared foie gras, beef bacon soils, calvados apple, orange sphere, pistachio sponge & wild berry gastrique) are ideal for those wanting a quick fix, while the signature Wagyu Short Ribs (slow-cooked, served with soy and sake glaze edamame with steam rice). You just have to try all!

immigrant dessert

For desserts, they let me try the Valrhona Dark Chocolate Fondant. As the chocolate melted inside,  the chocolate dessert, as with the food created generally, offers an innovative take on the classic British dishes. So sweet with the vanilla ice cream and strawberry on top!


Add to this a lineup of signature cocktails – including the Jack Rabbit contain with vodka, carrot, apple, and orange peel, or the strong yet citrusy Men Only, also the refreshing drinks like Indigo, blueberry swipped with banana and pears, so fresh!


Plaza Indonesia, 6th Floor (next to Plaza Indonesia XXI)
JL. MH. Thamrin Kav. 28 - 30

RSVP: 02138938257/081585601100
email: dining@immigrant-jakarta.com

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New York Bakery

I found this amazing little place at bintaro plaza last weekend. This place reminds me a bit about the suburban store...

Surrounded by a cute wood fences and there's a little gate infront of the store.

Well, actually it is an open door store, it is locater exactly infront of the main entrance of the mall.

They sell bunch of breads. In many shapes and tastes. The customers also can dine in with the wooden tables and chairs.
This place is so cozy. I can sit here like hours and do the writings.


Tapas Movida Presents The Spanish Atmosphere in Cilandak Town Square

Tapas Movida Proudly open their 2nd branch at Cilandak Town Square. Let’s give yourself another shot of Little Spain experience! The first branch located in Cipete, South Jakarta, serving a wide variety of Spanish traditional food and drinks.

If you are looking for delicious tapas, pinchos, paella and sangria and enjoy a little taste of Spain in every bite, this is right the place.


The first branch in Cipete opened in 2011, aiming to provide a true Spanish dining experience in Indonesia. What every true Spaniard desires is great food and a great atmosphere and so they wish you feel the same experience even when they are thousand miles from home. Here in Tapas Movida they source only the best ingredients and cook them to perfections.

“Tapas” refers to their authentic and original Spanish appetizers, designed to be delicious and to encourage conversation. “Movida” refers to the post Franco-era eruption of entertainment and artistic freedom enjoyed in Spain. Tapas Movida in Cilandak Town Square giving you the best Spanish vibe from interiors, surroundings and the foods will blow you away directly to Spain!

The menu is deliberately made similar to their first restaurant in Cipete, thick with typical Spanish food and feel that enough to bring us to the unique atmosphere of Spain. First time I arrive, they offered me to try Ensalada de tomate. It is a marinated tomato salad with mozzarella. The taste is so fresh mixed with sour taste and cheese and the tomato is very juicy.


The next starter menu is equally interesting, Bruschetta Guacamole, Avocado Bruschetta; Tartaleta de Pimiento, red pepper tart with a very rich taste. And there’s also Ternera con Pimiento rojo huevo de cordorniz, tenderloin roasted red peppers and quail egg.


This menu is very ‘Spanish’, Tortilla Espanola, Spanish potato omelette that goes with green salad and garlic bread. It’s my favorite, the potato omelette was very tasteful, and the salad was very fresh. And the presentation was also very unique, with a wooden round plate and the potato omelette served in a small frying pan.


We were very pleased to have the experience the Spanish food and drinks, here in Tapas Movida everything in the menu are original, you can find the same menu in other Spanish restaurants, but here everything is done with a personal touch and that's what makes it very authentic. We also got the chance to meet the owner and executive chef of Tapas Movida, Mr. Manuel Verdaguer, who finally come over and for a small chat with us. He gave us a little bit brief about the menu and the concept, to have a chef background giving him a major advantage on the restaurant quality control. All the great taste & awesome food/drinks presentation is coming from Manuel’s passion, everything comes from the heart and that’s why this Tapas Movida won lots of dining awards in Jakarta.

Next treats to close our full tummy, we tried the famous golden brown Churros topped with fresh strawberry was served to our table, accompanied with a small cup of chocolate melted. The churros had slight taste of cinnamon and tasted very good because they use 58% dark chocolate.


And last but not least; you can’t say it’s Spanish Restaurant without tasting their Traditional Sangria, a wine punch typical of Spain, Portugal, and Argentina. The Sangria is sweet and soft. The chopped fruit such as apple, orange, and pear give more taste to the wine with sweetness and sourness.


Tortilla Espanola Check! Churros Check! Sangria Check! We’ve taste the Spanish touch by Tapas Movida. Olé! 

Cilandak Town Square

Lt. GF unit 043-045
Ph: 021-29042818

Jl. Cipete Raya No. 66
Jakarta Selatan 12410
Ph: 021-7510851

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