High Tea Venue in Jakarta

Drinking tea might very relaxing. Choosing the perfect venue along with the more complete series of tea makes one fancy dining experience. Here are the venues!

TWG Tea Salon and Boutique

The TWG Tea Boutiques and Tea Counters will carry you away on a journey of sensations, spiced with elegant samovars, brass weighing scales, Italian marble floors and hard wood tea counters. Offering the world’s greatest harvests and the finest collection of exclusive tea blends, TWG Tea also boasts an exquisite collection of tea accessories.

TWG Tea Salons serve our signature tea-infused savoury dishes and patisseries, and are decorated with nostalgic furnishings, accented by fine bone china, crisp linens and vases of brightly-hued exotic blooms. All the TWG Tea Salon’s patisseries are freshly handmade and crafted daily by Executive Pastry Chef Philippe Langlois.
Plaza Senayan
1st Floor Unit 109A
Jalan Asia Afrika No. 8,
Jakarta Pusat
Phone: 021-5725276

Fountain Lounge Grand Hyatt Jakarta

Overlooking the theatrical lobby, this stunning lounge presents you an indulgent evening in the company of desirable desserts and teas, a chilled glass of champagne and the sultry sound of a live acapella band.

Have a fancy afternoon tea, meeting friends and business associates or simply needing to unwind after a long day at work. It has great selection of irresistible cakes, finger sandwiches and freshly baked scones ready to accompany slowly infused loose leaf tea that will be prepared in such delicate way.

Grand Hyatt Jakarta
Jalan MH Thamrin Kav 28-30 Jakarta
Phone: 021-29921234

Keraton Lounge The Plaza Jakarta

Located on the lobby level, the Keraton Lounge is a delightfully elegant venue serving traditional English, GODIVA Allure High Tea & Indonesian High Tea each afternoon. The Keraton Lounge features a lavish selection of hot and cold delicacies served with an extensive collection of local and international teas. In the evening, the Keraton Lounge offers classic cocktails, an international selection of wines and a variety of locally-inspired drinks.

The Plaza
Jalan M.H. Thamrin No.15
Phone: 021-50680000

Bistronomy is a homey bistro with sophisticated food concepts with variety of menu from Asian to Western. International Kawano newest restaurant with beautiful, chic, vintage and a touch of classiness on the table setting and cutlery. Carvings on the ceiling full of detail and added a feminine touch. Lights hung mix & match. Eclectic style is impressive. They even purposely hired an interior design from France to create a semi fine dining with homey and chic atmosphere.
New trend setter has been present in Jakarta. A unique bistro and gastronomy concept blended as the first one in South Jakarta. Bistronomy called Bistro offers a relaxed bistro concept and homey, but serves a selection of elegance-sophisticated food and beverages. Bistronomy be the first bistro in Jakarta which has a taste of fine dining.

Jalan Ciranjang (Ciniru 1 No.2)
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta
Phone: 021-7396655

Liberte French Brasserie

LibertĂ© is a relaxed French brasserie located at the second floor of Galeries Lafayette in Pacific Place Mall.  It’s warm and comfortable interiors are a perfect background for its flavorful, filling & earthy classic French-style cooking.

Liberte French Brasserie Restaurant brings the atmosphere is like being at the Eiffel Tower, Paris. Here you can sit back to enjoy a cup of tea and some meal while watching the view of one side of the city in SCBD, South Jakarta.

Galeries Lafayette 2nd Fl
Pacific Place Mall, SCBD
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Phone: 021-57973425



El Asador - Enjoy South American Wood Open Fire Grill in The Heart of South Jakarta

Kemang is well known as the heart of culinary experience ideas, and this one is new in the neighborhood! A unique an authentic South American eatery named El Asador.

El Asador bases its whole culinary philosophy on the Latin asado method and indeed the parrilla (grill) here is the most attraction of the meet grilling technique with an open fire. 

Most people in Uruguay cook meat in a grill by using a wood stove in the hot temperatures. This may be practically new for Indonesian people because we usually grilling meat on the grill using charcoal or firewood. This unique technique is what El Asador restaurant trying to introduce. "Asado" literally means a specific cut of beef ribs, and “El Asador” means ‘the barbecuer’. Barbecuing for an “Asador” is an art that requires patience and diligence.

The restaurant is dominated by raw bricks and wooden ornament. The smell of the grilled meat from the parrilla assured us that we were actually in a grill house. Owner and manager Eugenio Doldan welcomed us on our visit last Saturday. He was really warm and showed us the cooking process by using the parrilla. The El Asador’s parrilla is definitely the restaurant’s central focal point and gets its own personal chamber, right next to the bar. Fuelled by wood, the adjustable grill here is a true testament to this superb South American cooking technique. 

Euginio is also the man behind the parrilla and served us some stellar offerings, everything from those legendary asado (beef ribs) and churrasco (rib eye) to chorizo and chicken cutlets. It was cooked a little longer, but it really worth the wait!

The asado was tender made it a perfect asado, as it’s important to be able to take a bite off a rib without having the whole thing fall apart in one’s hands. Our churrasco had also been flawlessly cooked and sported a sensational crusty exterior, which was complemented by a juicy red interior.

This is a unique dining experience, a must have for meat lovers! Brings you the authentic experience of South American cuisine in Jakarta. The deals is truly good, 350k/pax for meat on stellar offerings, it’s meat lovers’ paradise! All the grill orders here comes with the Traditional distinctive South American sauces Chimichurri, Spicy Chimichurri, Salsa Criolla, Spicy Salsa Criolla, Salsa Criolla el Especial, and Bapak Barbeque sauce.

Get ready for some Salsa actions every Wednesday at El Asador! There will be Salsa dance class with professional instructor from 7-9PM and Salsa dance floor with live band from 9-12AM!

 Me, eugenio doldan, and madam jessica ;)

El Asador
Kemang Point Building
Ground Floor
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 3

Phone: 021-7182206

STARK Bierhaus - Perfect Beer and Food in a Friendly Environment!

Experience the world of Stark Beer! For its first and flagship retail space, Stark presents a multi dimensional experience that can be found inside its Bierhaus. Find yourself amused by a giant screen where you can watch your favourite football team played. Beer garden, German bar, European food, acoustic stage, here where you can find the excitement after a full day with work.

Consisting of 3 different spaces in 1, the main area, the Bierhaus itself takes the majority of the space, where visitors can dine, drink and dance inside an industrial brewery environment. Adjascent to the Bierhaus are the Bierstube and Biergarten, the former is a deli style eatery facing the interior of Plaza Indonesia's eX, where visitors can grab a quick bite of this place’s signature sausage and deli meat sandwiches, as well as six packs of Stark Beers on the go or to be consumed in house. The later is a semi outdoor area facing the busy main road of Thamrin, for a much more casual ambience.

The food in all 3 areas are generally European with emphasis towards German. The food, Stark Bierhaus also giving you their mainstay menu. You can try Eisbein Berliner, curved and sliced pork knuckle Berliner style served with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. This delicious main course you’ll have to pre-order in 3 hours before you decided to come over and dine in, well, it worth the wait!

If you got lots of time to hangout with friends, you can choose this sharing dishes. This menu is perfectly for like 5 persons, Bonanza, huge selection of sausages with your choice of condiments such as french fries or bakked potatoes with slices of onion. Share this with friends and enjoy the ambience here. Perfect!

Care for eating meatloaf? This great place also give you the menu. Leberkaese is a German meatloaf with fried egg and roast potatoes. There’s also this menu, Wiener Schnitzel, breaded veal loin, Vienna style served with roast potatoes and mixed salad. Not to forget, you can have this crazy sweet indulgence for dessert, Apple-strudel with Vanilla sauce and off course: Ice Cream! Yumm...

Stark Bierhaus, never mention it without giving a chance of yourself to have their signature drinks. Yup, the beers! This place also served a low-carb beers, so you can never get fat or having a trouble with distended belly. On tap, Stark have 3 favourite; Stark Wheat, Stark Dark Wheat, and Stark Low Cab. This place only served beers with 20% carb reduse, so, how many glass did you take? Don’t worry, you’ll still have your good shape on.

For cocktails, there’s also great choices, for you women, this sweet flavoured Stark Dark Wheat with topping off a hard shaken mix of bailey’s, creme de cacao brown and tennese whiskey can be your perfect sweetness beverage. Or you can give a chance to your tounge to taste Flavored Beer with lychee, peach, apple, and also passion fruit. Dr. Pepper might also giving you the great night out, contains with Stark Low Carb, mixed with cassis and sambuca, served with a shot of tequila.

Stark Bierhaus experience you with food, drinks and also amusement. This lounge bar and dinning also provide you billiard table, dart game area, karaoke, and also a room with playstation and Wii that you can play with friends and colleagues after a hard day of working.
Stark Bierhaus is located in Plaza Indonesia's entertainment Xenter (eX). Opening hours are 10AM to 1AM on weekdays and 3AM on weekends. Perfect beer friendly food for perfect beer in a friendly environment!

STARK Bierhaus
Jl. MH Thamrin, kav 13 unit L2#EX-07T, Jakarta 10350
RSVP   : 0822 6179 7888
BB pin : 29837D58
Location: Plaza Indonesia's entertainment Xenter (eX) Jl. MH Thamrin, kav 13 unit L2#EX-07T, Jakarta 10350
Email: starkbierhaus@opco-indonesia.com

Balboni Ristorante, One Stop Cozy Maker in a Busy Business Area

Balboni is a casual Italian restaurant infused with South East Asian flavors, located in Casablanca area, in the middle of a busy office region. The dinning hours are  from 11 am to 11 pm on weekdays, and expand to 2 am on weekends, so this is the perfect area where you can get relaxed after a full day of working. 

There are 3 areas that will give you different ambience; you can have your liquor, cocktails, and beers in an island bar lighted up with century old Petromax Lamps located right in front of the main entrance. The second area spreads inside the restaurants, contains with vintage tables and chairs with table lamps that appears like a romantic candles, in the evening the candles will be switch on to give you the romantic vibe. And the third area is the beautiful outdoor, illuminated by lamps with a big tent that will warmth your night in a big cozy sofa. Feel the  breeze and enjoy your dinner here with the love ones might be the perfect idea, or you can also booked this big cozy sofa for a group of friends/family with minimum spend at 2million it is a guarantee to become best intimate venue to spend quality times.

At Balboni, nothing is more than  30 hours old. Their main focus is to provide a product which is fresh and contemporary. Balboni also gives you an open kitchen and  a great view for the costumers where they can see their food cooked or prepared. The  casual indoor and outdoor dining concept will give you the best experience enjoying the Italian recipe with an unique twist and also a magnificent bar serving you the best wines and cocktails in town.

Balboni’s Corporate Chef – Ivan Tarrago  had made sure all the signatures dishes are made from the finest and freshest imported ingredients. This one is the most recommended, it’s The Pesce or fish menu, called Branzino Alla Griglia Con Salsa Mediterranean. Branzino means sea bass, is a fresh cubes of sea bass filet, marinated in olive oil, 2 droops of lemon juice, curry leaves, salt and pepper, and then grilled on the flat top grill, just sealed. The cheff marinade the vegetables, curgette, green and red capsicum with the same marination of the fish, add in the sea bass try and  finish in the oven. For the Mediterranean tomato sauce, they use Rosemary, Olives, Tomato, Garlic, Parsley, Red wine vinegar, Extra virgin Olive oil, Tomato peeled and cut in cube, same with the olives. At the last minute they heat in the pan and top the fish with the sauce and the grill asparragus. This will make you have the experience to explore the taste of Asian and Italian in one dish.

And there are also other irresistible dishes you should try, Antipasti, the classic beef peperoni and potato chips. Is a pepperoni sausage variety of Italian salami made from cured beef, served in a thinly slices mixed with local chili flakes and cucumber pickle and extra virgin olive oil. It’s a good dish, the beef is sliced very thin, and so the seasoning works very well in it.

For the desert, we have been suggested to taste the famous and most request desert which is The Durian Pannacotta, durian flavored in milk with cinnamon crumble and orange comfiture, it also has lady fingers chopped on top. It takes 12 hours to make this desert, the durian is infused with milk mixed together and the butter scotch poured in the buttom and put them in the chiller for 1 hour. This is one of the most elegant fantastic desert in Balboni. 

You can always have cocktails everywhere, but here in Balboni, the only place you can have special Balboni Signature Cocktails called L.T.B which is Lemon Tequila Beer, this one is made special by Daniel Alexander – Balboni’s F&B Manager. The taste is so light yet so rich, which contains those 3 ingredients blend in measures by quality and perfections leave you a specials taste you won’t get in any resto bars. 

Another signatures beverage at  Balboni is Balboni’s Tropicana. The name Tropicana, derives from the fruits and liquors used in this drink, there is Coconut Liquor, Banana Liquor, Melon Liquor and Fresh Pineapple juice with our own homemade sweet and sour mix. So when you put all the ingredients together and when it passes your lips you feel like you could be in a tropical country !!! All the ingredients are blended with ice and then served in a pineapple shell giving you a sensational taste and unlimited fresh feeling!

Craved for smoothies and healthy juices? Balboni also have Strawberry and pineapple smoothies, a fresh strawberry, pineapple, and natural yoghurt might perfect to drink after a rush day!

Woodstone Eatery Welcomes You to Enjoy Warm Atmosphere and Healthy Food

This place is impossible to miss when you cross Senopati, South Jakarta. A large white building that gives the impression of elegance and chic dining presents a very fitting place for you to relax.

Gallery-style cafĂ© in the heart of Jakarta Business District Area with a modern style with a touch of art named Woodstone Eatery. The first time I visited, I was greeted warmly by the owner, Isabelle Janvlyn. A woman who have the relatively young age was admitted to undergo a culinary business with her ​​sister.

"I love to eat, so I thought to open this place along with my sister," she said when I met her on media gathering, Thursday (10/10).

The first impression that I get when entering this restaurant is slick. Interior design is not too flashy, but the impression is very homey when there are some side sofas and crystal chandeliers as well as some antiques on display.

Woodstone Eatery cleverly filling a gap in the food and beverage industry by offering American cuisine with a modern twist combined with Asian favorite delicacies with organic and fresh ingredients. Provide quality, great tasting and healthy food options.

They also have some cute cupcakes with many variants. I tried the green tea, red velvet, and dark chocolate, it was amazing! There still lots of western and Indonesian menu that they serve, the price is not too expensive but the taste is rich! 

Not only enjoy a delicious dish of the restaurant, I also had the opportunity to get around to the 3rd floor, there is Espa Spa & Reflexiology. The spa was also part of the ambition of the owners to pamper spa and massage lovers.

"So, in addition to providing good place to eat in a comfortable way, I also want the visitors to be able to relax and enjoy our spa," she added.

The spa has an interior design that deliberately created to bring a sense of comfort and relax for the visitors. With the lights dim atmosphere, visitors can get treatments like massages the feet, hands, and even the whole body.

It feels indeed very fitting for the people who come home from work and enjoy the afternoon to make a stop at this place, enjoy the good food, and also the spa and massage.

Jl. Senopati No. 75
Jakarta Selatan
12:00 - 21:00