Bali escape 16 - 20 February 2016 pt.1

Well, having fun in our short holiday might be the title. Me and my babybhuey went to Bali with one of my best friend's family (Ayu, Mas Dari, and Lady their little girl).

Our first night is horrible 😂😂😂 well, it's not that bad, bud me and Ayu haven't booked any hotels for our first night in Bali. We only booked 2 hotels for yoir second day and the other one was for our third and forth day.

But no worries, after the rental car has arrived, we go straight to the hotels that located near from the airport. And we finally found one. Well, it's not the best but we finally get the hot water for bath and a nice sheet on bed 😂

The second day we moved to Kutabex hitel that located in Kuta, the hotel has infinity pool on their rooftop, it was amazing!

After a splash-splash on the jacuzzi, we went to Melasti beach, Kuta beach and so on and so on!

Bali Escape 16 - 20 February 2016 pt.2

Uluwatu hidden beach and Melasti beach



Having a blast day with besties!

Kemarin, 16 januari 2016...Di cafe temenku ada anak kecil bernama Ken Sarasvati ulang tahun yang pertama. Alias 1 tahun. Seru banget.

Awalnya minggu lalu pas aku pony dan ayu kumpul di friends52 steak & coffee, datanglah orang tua ken yang memang teman dari istrinya hendry, pemilik cafe yang noabeme sahabatku pas SD dulu.

Emang rejeki gak kemana ya, pas kita lagi nangkring ketawa ketiwi gak jelas, eh mamanya ken bilang kalian datang aja ya bawa anak2nya.

Spontan kita ngangguk bareng 😂😜