TWG Tea Salon & Boutique - Discover A Whole New World Of Sensations And Flavours With Tea Gastronomy

Exciting tea lovers’ taste buds, the TWG Tea Salon offers tea infused patisseries, which are entirely conceived and crafted by hand each and every day to ensure the very finest quality. Discover a whole new world of sensations and flavours with Tea Gastronomy, an art in which tea is woven into every aspect of the meal – an unmistakable nuance that deliciously enhances each dish.


The TWG Tea Boutiques and Tea Counters offers the world’s greatest harvests and the finest collection of exclusive tea blends, TWG Tea also boasts an exquisite collection of tea accessories. Offering over 800 single estate fine harvest teas and exclusive blends, as well as tea patisseries and other tea infused delicacies, TWG Tea is internationally recognized as a veritable innovator with the creation every season of new varieties of tea in collaboration with the world’s most renowned estates.


The TWG Tea Salon & Boutique at Plaza Senayan is an elegant 147 sq. m. destination, a veritable invitation into a world of grandeur with hand crafted glass walls, bronze fittings, Italian marble floors, crystal lamps and antique mirrors. In keeping with TWG Tea’s exceptional attention to quality, this haven is the last word in luxurious detail and design. Featuring TWG Tea’s distinctive hardwood counter tops, elegant hand painted tea tins and brass weighing scales, the tea room is accented with fine bone china, crisp linens and vases of brightly colored exotic plants.

WhatsNewJakarta was very pleased to come and be the witness of TWG Tea Salons signature tea-infused savoury dishes and patisseries, and enjoy the decorated nostalgic furnishings, accented by fine bone china, crisp linens and vases of brightly-hued exotic blooms.


Ms. Gyscha and Ms. Trixie welcomed us friendly, it was a gloomy noon and I think it’s a perfect time to do the review of some single estate fine harvest teas and exclusive blends, as well as tea patisseries and other tea infused delicacies.

We were introduced to some of their flagship product, which of course contains tea. The two humble women offered me to have some tea. And with TWG Tea’s collection numbers well over 800 different single estate harvests and exclusive tea blends from every tea producing country in the world, I think I’ll just leave it to them to decide.


To be able to understand the ever-changing tastes of tea drinkers, TWG Tea offers limited edition teas and seasonal blends as well. It is also constantly sourcing, innovating, expanding and refining the teas in its collection.


I was introduced to some tea whose names are quite interesting, such as White House Tea – Pai Mu Tan (white tea), this tea is quite low in theine, contains vitamin C and anti oxidants. This white tea blends with ripe berries and fragrant rose. Can you imagine how the smell? It’s awesome! And there’s Earl Grey Gentleman Tea – Black Tea from Ceylon, balanced with TWG bergamot, yields a citrus aroma and an enduring and refreshing aftertaste. This tea is really can refresh your day after a rush hour of working. I also had the 1837 Black Tea – Signature TWG black tea, blended with berries and sweet spices. It yields a sweet taste from the caramel, and refreshing taste from the ripe berries. 

TWG Tea’s loose-leaf teas are sold by weight, starting at 50 grams. A limited variety of single estate and special blends are also available in hand-sewn, 100% cotton teabags which are individually packaged and sold in boxes of 15. Unlike paper teabags, cotton teabags do not absorb the flavour of the tea, thereby allowing the full fragrance of each tea to develop. Specially packaged tea gifts, presented in uniquely designed tea canisters, are also available. 


Sweet Secret Salad was our starter, very surprised with the Secret of Vietnam Tea infused. The type of tea of course is the most suitable and also the levels are not excessive so the food taste still delicious. The sweet secret salad contains with Smoked Scottish salmon served with avocado, tomatoes, and arugula delicately enhanced by the flavours of fresh strawberries. Very fresh!


Another perfection through the day was the Canadian Scallops Gratin. Pan-seared to perfection and gratin finished with vinegar candied shallots, figs truffle, crispy beef bacon, artichoke flan, served with a saffron hollandaise and cream infused with Coconut Tea.


One thing that surprising is this place also serving heavy meals. Yup, I try the Wagyu Burger. Grilled 9+ Wagyu beef burger with lettuce, tomato, and Emmental cheese topped with horseradish mayonnaise and served on a homemade bun, accompanied by matchstick potatoes and mesclun salad tossed in 1837 Green Tea infused vinaigrette. It was awesome! The beef was very light to bite and the savory bun makes more perfect.


This Chilean Sea Bass caught my eye when the waiter put this beautiful dressing plate on my table. Pan-roasted Chilean sea bass fillet served with parsnip puree, red beet carpaccio, sautéed wild mushrooms, asparagus and a Passion Fruit Tea infused muscatel au jus. Whoa! This sea bass really smooth and the marinade was very united.


Also on the menu, TWG Tea Macarons, renowned for their crispy almond biscuit with a soft centre infused with signature teas, available in 10 mouth-watering flavors, TWG Tea has transformed the macaron into a uniquely memorable confection.

The TWG Tea team shapes the aesthetic image underpinning all the brand’s products, constantly updating the notion of TWG Tea even as they respect the Asian and European traditions of elegance and beauty on which it is based, now spiced with a touch of sensuality and originality.

Level 1, Plaza Senayan
Unit 109A
Jl. Asia Afrika 8, 10270 Jakarta, Indonesia
Tel: +62 21 572 5276


Me and Him on #15022014

For 10 years and 10 months we're together. For the sake of our happiness. For the love of our lives. On February 15th 2014, me and my loving boyfriend held our wedding ceremony at Wisma Subud Fatmawati South Jakarta. 

It's been a quite hard and long journey we've been through...I believe that this is our faith, to be together. I met Jaka on my 3rd semester on college. We both are in the same college only different major. 

We were good friends then. We've talked a lot and tell stories one of each other. Sharing the bad times together and also good ones. He came by right after i broke my heart by some (ah...I don't want to mention anything here). He healed my wounds.

He was right on time. Right on the right place. He always did!

Now, I'm a woman with a husband. Which I knew as a best friend, brother, and a loving person. Thank God I have him.

The ijab qabul ceremony

Yess! We finally have our own marriage book!

I love our wedding ring!

With tribal accent, white and golden wedding ring. I luv it!

The Mahar, 10 grams of 24 carrats pure gold

This three are my angels that made this wedding runs very well, thanks for everything Pony, Ayu, and Mala

Pony, thank you so much for saving my ijab qabul ceremony, I have no idea if you weren't there and go straight to my house to get the wedding ring (which I totally dumb to forgot to bring)! hahahaha such a drama for an early evening about 30 minutes to the ceremony to begin. I love you teteh ponce! Ayu, thank you for being there and watching the catering runs goes very well! And Mala, her husband, Dany and his band Heyho! brings beautiful songs on me and jaka's wedding ceremony. Thank you guys!

Mima made this beautiful collage, thank you for coming guys, these people are my besties from my old company we use to work together, DiskonGokil.com

My brothers and sisters Saung Family, thank you guys for coming!

This cute little girl is Chiara, the daughter of my manager on WhatsNewJakarta.com. She's like a good friend of mine, she love horses so much, and her mother Jessica is eager to buy her one ;)

Well, you guys know me so well, I'm very good in crashing pictures ;))

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Howdy Hello Hola Hey Ho! - The Asian Street Food Lovers Should Try

Located on the 5th floor of the Grand Indonesia West Mall, the establishment - which is owned and managed by the OPCO group, which also runs other eateries in the city such as Portico, Yellowfin and Stark Bierhaus – the newly opened Howdy Hello Hola Hey Ho! (or also called Hey Ho Asian Street Eatery and Bar) offers you Southeast Asian delicacies, especially the diverse flavors of Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Singaporean street food.


The menu focuses on Hawker-style food, as it is approachable and familiar; as well as being bold, vibrant and layered with personality. Dishes are based around sharing – in true Asian spirit – and fingers encouraged to be used! Howdy Hello Hola Hey Ho! is about experiencing exciting, flavorsome food within a buzzing, personable atmosphere. It is a place to eat-drink-socialize – the trinity of good times, guaranteed.


The dining area, adorned with a cozy yellowish dim light, is divided into two parts - the non-smoking area on the inside and the smoking area outdoors. On one side of its wall, there is a vibrant illustration of a street food scene in Vietnam.


For an appetizer or snack, you can opt for Salt and Pepper Squid with a chili sauce. The squid is soft and the chili sauce is not too hot yet is still tasty and a bit sour.


As for the main dish, there are several on Hey Ho's popular menu, such as Bahn Mi (shredded chicken or grilled pork, pate, pickles and coriander wrapped in a thick baguette). The bread most commonly found in Vietnam is a single serving baguette, therefore the term bahn mi synonymous with this type of bread.


Malay Butter Prown bits in the picture are killer in taste–the toasted grated coconut reveals layer upon layer of complex flavors–buttery, salty, sweet, spicy, and garlicky working off one another seamlessly and perfectly. The strong flavors and aroma from the curry leaves tend to blanket the overall dish, allowing the unique set of flavors interwoven with each other to surface and make up the very essence of this dish.


Another medium bite, you should try Uncle Ho’s Wing, chicken wings with glaze, crispy garlic, and herbs. These are crunchy and the chicken taste so smooth inside. You can actually smell the herbs aroma when it comes to you.


Partly a bar, Hey Ho also serves alcoholic drinks and liquor at a reasonable price. One of its highlighted drinks is called Ho Chi Mama, shaken absolute blue, midori, fresh squeeze of lemon, simple syrup, served with mixed fruit ball, selasih and yakult on the side. The drink itself is actually a refreshing and sweet.

You do not need to worry, because all the dishes here matches the Asian tongue so it will be very friendly to the tongue. Which is also not to be missed, dessert from Thailand, Khao Neeo Mamuang aka mango sticky rice that you seldom find elsewhere. This mango mania can be a good option. It comprises white sweet sticky rice served with slices of mango and a slice of mango sorbet. The combination of the warm sticky rice and the cold mango sorbet creates a surprising sensation in the mouth.

Hey Ho opens daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays and until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.


Howdy Hello Hola Hey Ho!
Grand Indonesia West Mall Level 5 
Jln. MH.Thamrin No.1Jakarta 10310 Indonesia 
(021) 72781641

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