Internations Expat Gathering @Munchies Kota Kasablanka

Last night was fun! It was more like one fun "ladies nite" on our throw back college time!

It was actually The InterNations Business Networking. They have this event regularly in a different places.  Last night, the event was held at  MUNCHIES Dine & Bar at Kota Kasablanka.

Me ;), Julia, and Pony

I went there with Pony, Jessica, and Julia. My team from whatsnewjakarta.com

Jessica, Me ;), Pony, and Julia

I have already got this place reviewed a couple months ago, so i am very familiar with this place. The food are good, but the drinks are awesome!

And the night was awesome!


Dapour Resto at Century Park Hotel Jakarta

The concept is founded in the the mystical and flavorful history of Indonesian culture and cuisine. Dapour is made to showcase this rich diversity and cultural heritage by creating a great tasting local fare prepared in the traditional artisan fashion and adding own bespoke pan Asian touch to create a new, exciting and truly international experience reflective of the vibrant, exciting modern Indonesia that we live in.

Across the Archipelago cuisine and eating plays a special place, not only the local varieties and specialties that make up much of the regional and national identity but the social rituals and hospitality surrounding food in Indonesia. A country blessed with an immense diversity of ingredients almost unmatched anywhere in the world Indonesia’s food is both as diverse as it is delicious.

I got the honor to review the main menu of this amazing place yesterday. I was so welcomed by the warm ambience and very amazing decoration. The chef himself Chef Bento, who has almost 20 years of experiences in this hospitality industry made us Norwegian Grilled Salmon, served with lemon butter sauce, fresh salad, and mashed potato, yummm…

And the afternoon was getting warm as the Oxtail Soup was ready to served. As a local most wanted dish, this menu is very popular. “People are always asking for our Oxtail Soup, especially on lunch time,” Edward Sugiharto as the Relationship Manager told us during the food review.

The Oxtail Soup was amazing, not like other oxtail soup, Dapour has its own way to cook this Indonesian specialties dish. Braised traditional oxtail soup, diced vegetables, with lots of samin oil to fade away the fat on soup. This menu goes together with rice, sambal hijau, and emping crackers.

Besides the amazing food, we all got the chance to look around the restaurant. They have some exclusive private dining rooms. It is the part of Dapour with a striking private space where the luxury and elegance, the surprising flair of Alvin’s T Arts design meets the culinary signature of Century Park Hotel. 

The decoration was very unique. Each private room has its own theme for decoration. Not much ornaments, but it feels so Indonesia. The compliments are also provided to fill you needs, such as LCD and On-Screen Projector, WIFI, Free Flow Coffee, Tea, and Juices. Personal Services is also available if you need something.

I was very pleased to be acompanied by Jessica, my boss at WhatsNewJakarta, to meet Edo and Tri as the Century Park Hotel's Relationship Manager and Senior Marketing Manager to have this wonderful review at Dapour.

                                                                        Tri, Me ;), Chef Bento, Jessica, and Edo


Bistronomy Jakarta: Where The Unique and Elegant Concept Meets Fine Dining

I got this assignment for another food review yesterday. As you know am now playing a role as a feature editor on a cool web called whatsnewjakarta.com. A leading  online guide in Jakarta since 2006, especially for expats ;) We provide the articles of new places to hangout, dining places, promos, aannndd lots of things, I love it! This means I got the chance to meet new people and try new things, including new food to craved!

This time, my assignment goes to Bistronomy Jakarta, a homey bistro with sophisticated food concepts with variety of menu from Asian to Western. International Kawano newest restaurant with beautiful, chic, vintage and a touch of classiness on the table setting and cutlery. Carvings on the ceiling full of detail and added a feminine touch. Lights hung mix & match. Eclectic style is impressive. They even purposely hired an interior design from France to create a semi fine dining with homey and chic atmosphere. I'm not alone, my friend Julia from whatsnewjakarta.com come along too ;) Well, I'm gonna need somebody to help me finish the dishes, rite?!

New trend setter has been present in Jakarta. A unique bistro and gastronomy concept blended as the first one in South Jakarta. Bistronomy called Bistro offers a relaxed bistro concept and homey, but serves a selection of elegance-sophisticated food and beverages. Bistronomy be the first bistro in Jakarta which has a taste of fine dining.

Bistronomy are located in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta offers homey and relaxed atmosphere, presenting religious Bistronomy menu of western dishes, Asian dishes, to a collection of drinks such as wine and sake.
I was pleased to meet Ms. Ako Miyagi, a pretty lady who made the kitchen as her throne. The Japanese chef who have traveled and cook in the same time for over 20 years. She has been in Bistronomy for about 7 months and still had no time to explore Jakarta. Her time was always out in the kitchen and do her job. As she always trying to make new creations in cooking and menu, she told me that she really have no time to hangout.

“I have no time to socialize, I think it is because of I really love my job, in the kitchen, hahaa...,” Ako laugh as she’s blushing when I asked her about her 7th month in Jakarta. She was a chef in a Holland for 5 years, 3 years in Switzerland, and South France for 4 years before she decided to come to Jakarta.

While I was making a great conversation with Ako, a waiter tossed me this colorful drink called Bistronomy Kiss. A fresh signature that you can only find in Bistronomy. Mixed martini, bacardi, pineapple juice, with additional pieces of kiwi fruit, apples, and also pineapple. Very fresh for those who enjoy an unwind afternoon after a hard day's work.

The beautiful lady offers me to have Salmon Ceviche as an appetizer. Its main ingredient is definitely salmon. They use salmon imported from Norway. This is actually a fresh seafood dish originating from South America. This fresh dish is presented along with a special sauce made ​​by Ako. With the sauce that comes from mango fruit, and 3 kinds of sliced ​​colorful paprika. The salmon is so tender, that it seemed to self-destruct in the mouth. The sauce was also tasty, and also looks very attractive dish. Appetizing much before I go to the main course!

For the main course, Ako suggested me to have Steak Rossini. Beef steak and foie gras steak with fruity red wine sauce. It was delicious! The beef was medium-well and still have the crunchy thing when I got my first bite. The taste itself was so rich, and the red wine sauce was fitted with the beef and it has apple sliced on the corner of the plate. Yum!

“Bistronomy also have attractive packages, such as the package for you who want to purpose for their lover, the price offered is inclusive of food and drinks. Or for those of you who want to make a pre-wedding photos, also can book a place here," Grace Tanod, the Marketing Communication Supervisor told me while the waiter give me one fine French Coffee.

The coffee was also great, it was hot and a bit bitter. Of course, it containing cognac in it. Ha! It was a lovely afternoon. But there was another thing you have to try here, it is Mousse au Chocolat. It’s a belgian chocolate mousse. It was cool, sweet, and have a sliced strawberry on top.

Semi-vintage on their standing bar, victorian-retro on their dining area, you name it, Bistronomy have them all! As you can see from the floral pattern they use for the cushions, light wooden big table, lot of wood application for their walls, and big dark purple lamp above our head, well, gorgeous!

Julia and me after the review ;)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Thurs : 11am-11pm , Fri – Sun     : 11am-02am
Address      : Jalan Ciranjang (Ciniru 1 No.2), Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta.
Phone         : (021) 7396655
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Wooden Dance Floor on HotRod Garage

Still on Saturday this week, after having meal and dinner at Friends52 Steak & Coffee, me and my girlfriends decided to spent the rest of the night at HotRod Garage. It's a cafe, umm...nope, its more like a pub, bar, and a restaurant. Placed in Jalan Raya Antasari, we found very near from the place we had our dinner earlier.

Pony - Jessica - Indah - Me ;) - Jasmine - Echa

That was my second arrival there, and yet still attracted by the ornaments of the cafe. On the front, there were a sofa made similar to an old car. Yea, the concept itself is oldskol, they even have a knitting machine on the corner, and the pictures on the wall looks like hundreds years ago.

More step to the inside, we found a very different concept. A long bar with a giant screen playing the dance musics, and lots of bench and sofas on the corner. Me and the girls took a step on the dance floor and the night was our own! It was quiet that night, the owner, Ony, say hi to us and said that the night was really quiet. Not too much guests come here at night, well, I guess that's none of the problem me and my friends should have, rite?

The dance floor was amazing, I guess this is the only place that have a wooden floor as a dance floor ;) But we don't mind, not at all! The lights are also amazing, we did enjoy our night-out.

We took some snacks, and drinks. Dance until midnight and then we go home. I love my weekend!

Great Steak and Environment at Friends52 Steak & Coffee

Last Saturday, me and my girlfiends had a blast! We had an afternoon date and dinner through the night at my friend's cafe called Friends52 Steak & Coffee. This cafe is located in Terogong, Jakarta Selatan near the Kristal Hotel and Hero Supermarket.

I love the surrounding of this cafe, especially when dawn, the wooden bench and table mixed with a big umbrella reminds me of the cafes in Bali. It was great. Me and my girlfriends were having a blast!

I had a medium rare sirloin steak, it was awesome. The menu comes with vegetable salad and mashed potato. I love it! I oftem bring my friends here and they all said that everything that Hendry (the owner, and the cheff, also a gool friend of mine since elementary school) cooked was and always great!

The caramel latte was also awesome! Hendry made the coffee himself, and....he always gave me complementary drink, and this time a very great home-made wine. I was still a 2 weeks wine, but it was great!

You should try this awesome food and environment at Friends52 Steak & Coffee at Jl. Caringin Timur No.13D, Terogong Jakarta Selatan and you'll see how it goes with your tounge ;))

Oya, I almost forgot! The internet is soooooo faaasstttt...you can eat, drink, and you can even download hundreds of youtube in an hour ahahahahaha

Yes, we do silly thing and pictured! always! ahahahahaaa

Experience Your Own Private Forest at RIMBA

I was attending the RIMBA Press Conference last week with one of my colleague, Jessica. We are representing our web www.whatsnewjakarta.com and we are excited to come to InterContinental Hotel Jakarta where the PressCon was held. 

Under the same management of Capella Hotel Group, RIMBA Jimbaran Bali will open in September 2013 with 297 rooms and suites to expand on AYANA’s 368 rooms and villas. The 8 hectare resort is located within AYANA’s 77-hectare grounds overlooking Jimbaran Bay, making it the perfect sanctuary for a relaxing break and a base from which to explore Bali and nearby attractions. 

So it is like entering a national park with an undulating tree-lined entrance and scenic trails. The resort’s elevated hill-side location affords both sunrise and sunset views, looking out over the Uluwatu Hills to the south-east, and to the Indian Ocean fronting AYANA’s 1.3 kilometer coastline to the south-west. 

An emphasis on sustainable design, the furniture is made from recycled packing crates, and a rooftop bar was created using recycled glass bottles. The lobby was built using recycled wood from three old fishing boats and driftwood. 

RIMBA's name is Indonesian for "forest" and the 8ha resort has multi-tiered pools, tree plantations, tropical flowers, organic fruit and vegetable gardens and scenic trails. RIMBA gives every guests the opportunity to plant their own tree there. This place also has It also has a main pool with a swim-up bar and a separate children's pool beside the Kids Club. There are several restaurants, as well as a bakery and cooking school.
The resort also has a day spa, complimentary Wi-Fi and a shuttle bus, which will operate all day to transfer guests to the private white-sand Kubu Beach. RIMBA guests will also enjoy priority access to the popular Rock Bar, located on a cliff 14m above the Indian Ocean.

So, if you want to get a RIMBA experience, come and enjoy your own private forest!

 Last thing i love from this presscon is, I am enjoying my own white wine ;)) 
Ooohh, how I love my job!