good morning "B"

B is a cat, actually...it's been rolling over my cribs since about a year ago..mom seems to like him, that's why there's so many plain fish in the refrigerator..
There's sooooo many funny acts that B has made...you see, he just could fell by the stair in his sleep!!! ahahahahaa...stupid!
But..he always there when i'm in need...




i wonder, what is really mean: that you've travel so long to reach the small store by the creek, but then all you can read by the door is the word: CLOSED! *that's mean tutup in indo*. and the cute sneakers is just laying down by the store window. waiting to be bought.
well, there's nothing you can do really...not to, like, as simple as colouring your finger nails.
then this is really my code of being honoured to OPEN this blog for everyone. yiieeyyy !!!