The Newest UDON Concept in The City You Should Try

UDONKU, presented by KAWANO GROUP (which takes its name from the famous Japanese noodles mixed with Bahasa that literary means "MY UDON"). The served up by their famous Master Chef Ariyama Kazuhiro include freshly prepared home-made all the ingredients.

UDONKU is Fresh Japanese Noodle Station concept in Jakarta; specializing in serving fresh, house-made udon noodles cooked to order and delivered in a fast, entertaining, and interactive fashion. All the guests can watch the udon noodles being made, as they customize their meal with freshly prepared toppings and sides to their preference.


Adopting ambiance from Tokugawa period, also called Edo period, the final period of traditional Japan, a time of internal peace, political stability, and economic growth under the shogunate (military dictatorship) period (1603-1867), UDONKU is maximizing its interior by bringing back what's passed from history to today's scenery. With its conceptual decoration and feel, UDONKU not only give you various kind of freshly made udon, but also a time trip experience.


This place surprise me more when I walked in. It is warm and the low-lighting makes me feel the intimate ambience. It is consist with two floors and you can choose the upstairs to have more relaxed surrounding.


Not only focusing on its interior and ambiance, it also offers a very delicious selections of Japanese original udon’s taste. According to it’s name, UDONKU is translated as “Udon District”. Customers may select their own kind of udon. UDONKU offers three selection of soups, the white soup (Kansai Style), the black soup (Kantou Style), and curry soup. There are also wide range of topping selection to try to. With this method, The udon they order will be their own “UDONKU” (My Udon).


Udon is a type of thick wheat flour noodle of Japanese cuisine. Udon is often served hot as a noodle soup in its simplest form, as kake udon, in a mildly flavoured broth called kakejiru, which is made of dashi, soy sauce, and mirin. 

It is usually topped with thinly chopped scallions. Other common toppings include tempura, often prawn or kakiage or aburaage, a type of deep-fried tofu pockets seasoned with sugar, mirin, and soy sauce. A thin slice of kamaboko, a halfmoon-shaped fish cake, is often added. Shichimi can be added to taste.

The flavor of broth and topping vary from region to region. Usually, dark brown broth, made from dark soy sauce, is used in eastern Japan, and light brown broth, made from light soy sauce, is used in western Japan.


Like many Japanese noodles, udon noodles are served chilled in the summer and hot in the winter. The toppings are chosen to reflect the seasons. Most toppings are added without much cooking, although some are deep-fried. Many of these dishes may also be prepared with soba.

The three menus that Chef Ariyama san had prepared; Kakiage Monas, Salmon Ocha Zukke, and Ebi Tentetsu Nabe Udon.

As a starter, we have the Kakiage Monas, they have seafood and vegetable type for this meal. The one I tried is the vegetable one, it’s more like chips with the ‘hight-sized’ and vegetables inside. It’s kinda great for starting lunch or dinner, the taste is so crunchy.


I can’t resist more when Chef Ariyama san offered me their Ebi Tentetsu Nabe Udon. It’s a white soup with chicken slices, onion, ebi tempura and their special homade udon. The taste is so rich!

So there’s Salmon Ocha Zukke. Another menu from UDONKU that surprise me more about the food. Contain with salmon, rice, wasabi, dashi, and the most unique thing is that you have to pour the rice and salmon with hot Japanese special tea, then you can eat it. So yummy to have when it’s raining outside!



Midplaza, Basement Floor, Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 10/11, Jakarta, Indonesia 10220
(021) 57907060

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