Kaffeine Coffee House & Bar: A New Hangout Spot And Eatery With Two Bars

Kaffeine Coffee House & Bar, a new hangout spot and eatery located in Foundry 8, SCBD, the busiest business district in South Jakarta. With a spacious interior and very warm ambiance, Kaffeine is an ideal setting to relax, dine, meeting with clients or friends, or simply enjoying some alone time with a nice cup of coffee. Focus on serving only Indonesian coffee as a commitment to introduce the best local commodity and specializes in Indo-fusion dishes with hints of Balinese culinary influence.


Where can you find two bars in one place? Kaffeine Coffee house and Bar is unique for being one of the only places in South Jakarta to offer customers the choice of two Bars; the Coffee Bar and the Cocktail Bar. With it’s up to 150 seating capacity, this is the perfect place to eat and chill after the hustle and bustle of the urban grind.


The first time I came here, the thing that caught my attention was the warm atmosphere. The rooms were large and the using of brick in a wall decoration really made the urban people feels like home. Some interesting points have different themes, such as on the wall next to the coffee bar, there are some funny writing about coffee in very interesting colors. Some of the old-fashioned furniture also placed in several spots of the large room. The European typical benches also decorate the place, this is really fits with the dim lights around.


In the corner of the lounge room with industrial theme, minimal lighting shades and dim, you can see the bar with a row of bottles is tempting. The bartenders at Kaffeine has been known for their mixing skills. If you want to drink but do not know what to order, just come to the bar and ask the bartender to mix specifically for you.


Specialize in Indo-fushion cuisine with Balinese influences, producing beautifully unique dishes, one of their signature dish is the Bebek Pelalah. This yummy menu is using selected Balinese marinated grill duck, garnished with glazed Balinese vegetables mixed with Balinese traditional sambal as the seasoning. This menu served with the steamed rice. The duck meat was tender and crisp on all parts, marinated to the deepest part of the meat. The seasoning sauce blends very good into the duck meat, this one you will never want to missed, the spicy!


The beverages are vary, from signature coffee, cocktails, to original premium whisky, they all here! Kaffeine have skilled and experienced mixologists and baristas creating delicious cocktails and martinis. But, one thing you shouldn’t miss, Kaffeine is the only place where you can have your coffee fresh, the freshest in town! Why? Introducing the Alpha Dominche Steampunk Brewing System, an American made, ultra-sleek and in a class entirely its own, the award-winning Steampunk offers a revolutionary new way to brew.


This innovative brewing system ensures the most repeatable, flavorful extraction in every cup, brewing up to two or four cups of coffee or tea simultaneously. This is definitely a state-of-the-art coffee machine, the machine utilizes high-pressure steam to produce a very great tasting coffee without sacrificing consistency the way some conventional machine do. This machine obviously made the coffee taste more delicious!


On this auspicious occasion, this place was apparently had this two beautiful guest from El John Pageants. They are Nita Sofiani, Miss Earth Indonesia 2013 and Yossico Stephanie, Miss Echo Tourism and Miss Peace 2013. They were having their lunch together when I came to approach and greet them. They were very nice and I also got their pictures with their lunch menu, the spicy Bebek Pelalah!


The Foundry 8 Lot 8 SCBD
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52-53 Jakarta 12190
Phone: 021-5153178

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