Tapas Movida Presents The Spanish Atmosphere in Cilandak Town Square

Tapas Movida Proudly open their 2nd branch at Cilandak Town Square. Let’s give yourself another shot of Little Spain experience! The first branch located in Cipete, South Jakarta, serving a wide variety of Spanish traditional food and drinks.

If you are looking for delicious tapas, pinchos, paella and sangria and enjoy a little taste of Spain in every bite, this is right the place.


The first branch in Cipete opened in 2011, aiming to provide a true Spanish dining experience in Indonesia. What every true Spaniard desires is great food and a great atmosphere and so they wish you feel the same experience even when they are thousand miles from home. Here in Tapas Movida they source only the best ingredients and cook them to perfections.

“Tapas” refers to their authentic and original Spanish appetizers, designed to be delicious and to encourage conversation. “Movida” refers to the post Franco-era eruption of entertainment and artistic freedom enjoyed in Spain. Tapas Movida in Cilandak Town Square giving you the best Spanish vibe from interiors, surroundings and the foods will blow you away directly to Spain!

The menu is deliberately made similar to their first restaurant in Cipete, thick with typical Spanish food and feel that enough to bring us to the unique atmosphere of Spain. First time I arrive, they offered me to try Ensalada de tomate. It is a marinated tomato salad with mozzarella. The taste is so fresh mixed with sour taste and cheese and the tomato is very juicy.


The next starter menu is equally interesting, Bruschetta Guacamole, Avocado Bruschetta; Tartaleta de Pimiento, red pepper tart with a very rich taste. And there’s also Ternera con Pimiento rojo huevo de cordorniz, tenderloin roasted red peppers and quail egg.


This menu is very ‘Spanish’, Tortilla Espanola, Spanish potato omelette that goes with green salad and garlic bread. It’s my favorite, the potato omelette was very tasteful, and the salad was very fresh. And the presentation was also very unique, with a wooden round plate and the potato omelette served in a small frying pan.


We were very pleased to have the experience the Spanish food and drinks, here in Tapas Movida everything in the menu are original, you can find the same menu in other Spanish restaurants, but here everything is done with a personal touch and that's what makes it very authentic. We also got the chance to meet the owner and executive chef of Tapas Movida, Mr. Manuel Verdaguer, who finally come over and for a small chat with us. He gave us a little bit brief about the menu and the concept, to have a chef background giving him a major advantage on the restaurant quality control. All the great taste & awesome food/drinks presentation is coming from Manuel’s passion, everything comes from the heart and that’s why this Tapas Movida won lots of dining awards in Jakarta.

Next treats to close our full tummy, we tried the famous golden brown Churros topped with fresh strawberry was served to our table, accompanied with a small cup of chocolate melted. The churros had slight taste of cinnamon and tasted very good because they use 58% dark chocolate.


And last but not least; you can’t say it’s Spanish Restaurant without tasting their Traditional Sangria, a wine punch typical of Spain, Portugal, and Argentina. The Sangria is sweet and soft. The chopped fruit such as apple, orange, and pear give more taste to the wine with sweetness and sourness.


Tortilla Espanola Check! Churros Check! Sangria Check! We’ve taste the Spanish touch by Tapas Movida. Olé! 

Cilandak Town Square

Lt. GF unit 043-045
Ph: 021-29042818

Jl. Cipete Raya No. 66
Jakarta Selatan 12410
Ph: 021-7510851

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