Sambal Tapas Sheraton Hotel Bandara - The Extraordinary Place to Eat and Hangout

The newest outdoor venue from Sambal Tapas! The first outdoor tapas bar and lounge with a romantic lake view in Jakarta. Experience the combination between Indonesian and Spanish tapas cuisine only here at Sheraton Bandara Hotel who offers a unique five-star, resort-style experience with warm hospitality and the convenience of an airport hotel.


Sambal Tapas is an outdoor tapas bar & lounge combining Indonesian and Spanish cuisine, presented in the form of Tapas. With gorgeous skyline and lake views from the rooftop, Sambal Tapas serves scrumptious Spanish and Indonesian small plates, plus cool cocktails.


Surely this place is a perfect place with the big advantages, also the breadth of the outdoor area where guests can enjoy the lake view, garden view, pool view, the hotel view and street view. This is the complete view where you can’t have in other hotels in Jakarta.


WhatsNewJakarta got the chance to review this extraordinary place last week. Although they only just opened on August 2014, this cool place is very neat and so ready to serve from 11am to 2am every day. The Sheraton Bandara Hotel Digital Marketing executive, Suhendy Lie explained to WNJ that this place will pamper the visitors with live DJ performance from 5pm to 9pm.


The first served on our table is the cocktail! A very tempting color liquid named The Original Cocktail, Suhendy told us that this is one of Sambal Tapas favorite drinks. Contain with gin, triple sec, syrup infused ginger, and angostura bitter. This is why everyone loves it, it’s fresh and very cold.

All the drinks here are served in a very cold condition. Because the ice cube on the drinks is very easy to melt and the big wind has to do with it. So, if you want to have a drink here just be ready to order another one, or two!


After the drink tasting, Sambal Tapas served us the Pinchos Morunos, wagyu tenderloin satay, lemon juice, mustard, cayenne. Serve with vegetables kebab and three sausages. The sausages are barbeque, tomatoes, and chili sausage. The wagyu is very light and tasted very good. It goes with a unique presentation by thrusting the meat into a prick that used to called satay or sate.


It’s not so called Spanish cuisine if there’s not Spanish specialties, Paella Mixta contains with Spanish rice, prawn, mussel, chicken, white wine and saffron. This menu will give you the best Spanish cuisine in Jakarta. Taste very fresh and savory.


They still have Kepiting Goreng for the special menu. The combining between Indonesian and Spanish cuisine will be very complete with some Indonesian so called menu. Kepiting goreng or crab fries, it is actually the crab covered by flour and fried perfectly.


For the dessert they have Crema Catalana, oven baked cream, eggs, sugar caramel. This dessert is quite sweet and perfect for the dine closing.


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