Cuadrilla Kemang – A Mediterranean Restaurant That Offers Simple Italian, Spanish & Greek Food

Countries in the world have a variety of distinctive taste. Has a diversity of characteristics and advantages of each. However, there are some countries that have similarities to each other, in particular their society’s celebration and passion for food, one reason is because it is situated adjacent to each other is in the southern part of Europe.


One restaurant in South Jakarta is implementing a collaboration of three kinds of food from three countries, Cuadrilla. The name is borrowed from basque language that means a group of friends (usually goes bar crawling together for tapas, drinks, and great conversations). This Mediterranean restaurant offers simple Italian, Spanish, and Greek food.  Their homey and casual concept is far from trying to be somewhat posh, in terms of the food as well as the ambience. 


The dining experience here is quite unique.  Carrying the concept taken from three countries, namely Italy, Spain, and Greece, with their menu and interior, it feels like we are eating in a local home or small restaurant in the narrow alleys of the three countries.


Cuadrilla has 2 floors which can accommodate approximately 45 people. Going inside, the dining areas are separated into 2 floors, lower floor is smaller because there is a semi open-kitchen to cook the menu, and upper floor is more spacious with better daylight access, also there’s a mini bar. The whole place is decorated with Mediterranean-theme kitchen and dining room, very nice and comforting.

Cuadrilla’s Executive Chef Thomas Raymond welcomed us that day, “We don’t just want to bring a taste of the Mediterranean in Jakarta, but also wanted to create an attractive dining atmosphere like dining in local homes or small traditional restaurant in Italy, Spain, and Greece,” Thomas added. Yes, indeed, viewed around the restaurant's heavily laden with decorations typical of the three countries.


While Thomas prepared some of Cuadrilla’s signature dish, there’s welcome bread approaching us. The bread itself if very soft and savor with additional butter and oilve oil. Yummm! Interesting meal for that one fine afternoon appetizer.

There, Thomas came in and voila! A Seafood Paella on his hand. A thin blanket of saffron-scented rice with a crackly, crunchy bottom crust, shredded with vegetables and fresh seafood.An authentic seafood paella that boasts some of Spain's finest ingredients, which added a bit Indonesian ingredients just to fit the local taste. As a main dish, this seafood paella has a fairly large size, better shared with friends. 


If you happen to come here, don’t forget to order their homemade classic Spanish cocktail; Cuadrilla Sangria, fruit cuts soaked in brandy, mixed with red wine, topped with some ice cubes, this goes with the half litre and one litre selections. It will bring you freshness!


Beef Souvlaki. Skewers of marinated beef served with Greek salad and mashed potato. This Greek specialty basically consists of three parts; mashed potato, Greek salad, and beef. Using great local potatoes, not mixed with cream or milk, but well seasoned and topped with feta cheese. The Greek salad using local ingredients that certainly qualified, but off course using the original Greek recipe. The beef, using tenderloin beef, marinated with garlic, olive oil, oregano, and many other seasoning. This one is not to be missed menu!


To eat and not to forget to drink, try their CuadrillaLimoncello, a homade Italian liqueur, served chilled and very fresh! The selections are by shot or quarter litre. As they made it by their own, their limoncello is not instant liquor coming from manufactured bottles.  Crisp and fragrant, mildly sweet and the color of liquid sunshine, the lemon liqueur known as limoncello is a simple combination of lemons, sugar and alcohol, but its intense citrus flavor makes it so much more than a sum of its parts. Infused about a month, this native Italy drink is very fresh and a must try one!


They also served their new menu KatopouloSkorthato. I was so surprise when I look into the book menu, it was never exist! “This is our new menu here, we haven’t added it into the book menu, and you guys are the first to try!” said Thomas. Well, it looks very yummy, and it is actually Lemon garlic chicken in English. The chicken is very tender, Thomas explained that the chickens have been marinated approximately half an hour before and given seasoning after. It’s very yummy!


Not only in terms of cuisine is collaboration between the three southern European countries, but also the interesting decoration in the restaurant which is very unique. You will definitely feel at home when visiting this restaurant. In addition to the food which is certainly good and very friendly for the local tongue, the place is also certainly well suited for the expat. This place is also equipped with a wifi network and also air conditioner and a smoking area.


The restaurant can also be booked for events such as birthday celebrations, social gatherings, or other party. This restaurant operating hours is 11AM every day. Last order is 10.20PM.

Jalan Benda No 1D Kemang
South Jakarta

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