Chronicle – Where Coffee Meets Cocktails

This sister restaurant of the renowned coffee shop, Common Grounds nestled itself in front of Dharmawangsa Square earler this month. Embellishing itself with a cozy, and homey feel - Chronicle answers the need for both coffee & cocktail addict with their thrilling menus.


Like other coffee places, Chronicle has same the type of decoration, there’s not many colors adorn the space. This place is more like simple with woodenly ambience, and very cozy. Newly opened on 12 November and built on the idea of a newspaper, Chronicle represents the needs of the coffee drinkers and cocktail lovers because both are provided here.


“Chronicle is actually a newspaper name at San Fransisco. We wanted to provide people with coffee, cocktails, and food as their everyday ritual, just like daily paper,” Hanna Tjin explained.


Chronicle is a sister company of one of the well-known coffee shop in the Sudirman area, namely the Common Grounds Jakarta. So no wonder we'll find Common Grounds Coffee being used there.


Hanna welcomed us and let us try Chronicle Benedict, beef bacon wrapped poached egg served on garlic toasted yummy bread. This is one of the best menu here.


Lobster Roll, the lobster was beautifully seasoned with diced avocado, tomatoes and all together tossed in their special mayo sauce and citrus flavor, and the bun was perfectly semi-crunchy and goes with the awesome french fries.



One of the cocktails recommended by Hanna, who also mixologist cocktails here, namely Sorbet Mimosa. Actually this is one of Hanna's own creations, alcoholic orange sorbet served cold collaborate with champange which is very fresh and tasted very good.



Their copper coffee sets and prism coffee cups are also unique, this place is still the only place who mixed and served tea and coffee using copper sets.


And, their artisan tea closed the day. They have White Peony, Lemongrass Ginger and Hibiscus Blackcurrant from Jing.

Jl. Wijaya 2 No. 73
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12160
0821 8888 1538

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