Espiga Indonesia, Where Good Quality Food and Serve Taking Place in A Very Special Location

Espiga Indonesia is a modern and exclusive semi-fine dining restaurant with a mission to provide guests the highest best of service consistently. Located in the CEO tower in South Jakarta, Espiga is ready to make a special moment with your loved ones, with special dinner accompanied with the warmth of the beautiful city atmosphere of twilight.

If you entered a restaurant, what do you expect? Tables and chairs arranged neatly with the music that will make your dining atmosphere become more comfortable? Espiga Indonesia has it all. In fact, the best thing is, you can see the Jakarta landscape through the large windows around the restaurant. Yes, this restaurant is located on the 17th floor, where once you enter this place, you will be surprised by the view of the streets and the trees of the South Jakarta. It's the perfect place to enjoy yourself with a relaxing cocktail at the height of freshness literally hundreds of meters above the ground. And they will open the outdoor area upstairs next year!

The comfortable seat brings the intimate vibe to the restaurant. The decor is unique, clean, simple, featuring some classic lamps, hardwood floors, as well as wall-to-wall large rounded glasses window.

Pamper yourself with a delicious meal, created by outstanding chefs and exclusive place embellished with panoramic views of Jakarta. With the help of Executive Chef, Manuel Verdaguer, a wide selection of Espiga service menu from appetizer, main course, dessert and drinks is ready to serve.

The menu is dynamic, fresh, where you can find a variety of taste and flavors, from the appetizers where you find flavors from Spanish to Italian cuisine, English and Asian, from salads, soups and pastas, to their main dishes where you can find a different quality meats and good choices of fish.

For a start, you can try Pork Rillettes with Asian Sauce, this menu is quite light and will bring you the experience to enjoy Espiga’s special Asian typical sauce. “The ingredients are always fresh, we always want to serve everything in a perfect conditions and taste,” Pedro Gracia, the General Manager told us a brief about the mainly kitchen secret.  

Jakarta is always busy, as long as you have the time to try Chicken Breast, Roast Baby Vegetables with the juice of the Chicken and Truffle Essence, then you must be very glad you’ve stopped by and craved some meals.

Well, there’s always a time to eat, then you have to try this delicious American Cob, morely like salad, but more complete. There’s raw meat, chunks of vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes, onions, parsley, and egg.

Pork Belly & Octopus. It is a roasted pork belly and galician octopus. A combination of complete different dish that will just blew your taste!

Traditional Garlic Prawns (gambas al ajillo), it is actually a traditional meal from Spain, using natural ingredients with fresh prawns and chunks of garlic and spices that will give a very attractive aroma. If you want fish, there’s Tune Steak Niciose, with the fresh tuna and pieces of baked potato, tomato slices, and egg. Very fresh and full with vitamins.

There’s a lot of selections that you can try too, if you want some beef and lamb, then you should order Wagyu Beef Carpaccio with Waldorf Salad. For the lamb menu, Tagine Spiced Lamb Cutlets Grilled with Roast Peach and couscous is a must to try! All the meat and lambs are put into herbs preparations before being cooked and processed into a menu. So that the meat and lamb will be more fragrant and tastes good too.

Cheese Selection with Grapes Apples and Red Onion Marmalade can be your selection for dessert. This menu is more than a very healthy one. You got cheese and fruits combine with slices of fresh red onion and marmalade. Yumm!

Most of restaurants in Jakarta is giving you the same menu, if you bored with the usual food menu, this is the right place to spend an afternoon with a delicious meal and accompanied by a variety of special drinks such as Espiga Cocktails, Gin Tonic Rose Petals & Cucumber, and Gin Tonic Tanqueray. It's time to enjoy yourself with a relaxing cocktail at the height of freshness literally hundreds of meters above the ground.

The dinner menu is designed with the desire to have a special evening with special people, in an exclusive location with nice food and nice wine. The wine list has a variety of wines from all the parts of the world and with different flavors so you can marinated your food with that special wine that will make your dinner even more special.

We are a Restaurant where we try to create special moments related with food, where good quality food and good serve is taking place in a very special location, we superb views and exclusive ambiance,” Pedro added.

The CEO, Cilandak Executive Office
Jl.TB Simatupang 18C. Lt 17-18
South Jakarta

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