Tempayan Dining & Lounge - Experience Authentic Indonesian Cuisines in a Colonial Javanese Ambience

Tempayan Dining & Lounge is managed by Sindoro catering. Where you can experience home-dining activities in a classic themed restaurant. Sindoro is a pioneer in food and beverage industry in Indonesia. Established in 1958 by Maria Darmo Rahardjo as a traditional bakery shop. With over 50 years of experience in bakery and catering business, also serving for the Royal Palace for RI-1. Now Tempayan Dining & Lounge reveals its traditional recipe to your dining experience.


This place has 3 floors with the different ambiences. On the ground floor there’s Sindoro, this is where you can find Indonesian traditional snacks like lemper, risoles, pukis, and many more. And upstairs is Tempayan Dining & Lounge. And on the top, The Hidden Third lies, with the sunset spotting and outdoor bench and also a bar.



It all started with a dreams to have a nice Restaurant which represent Indonesian cuisines, a place where sophisticated meet authentic taste in a new Indonesian “rumahan” dining experience. The place itself will entertain you to a special atmosphere where you can feel a homey colonial touch in a Javanese interior. The owner, Ibu Titi Rahardjo said that she did all the hunting for every single piece of antiques in this restaurant, she wanted to make this place for customers to feel like home at Tempayan Dining & Lounge. And I’m very sure that she did it!



This is one of the places that you can see wayang or Javanese traditional puppet in some area near the dining tables. Not only chairs and dining table with fine dining style, but also there’s a quite large sofa in a corner of the room. If you want to eat while relaxing, this is the corner that you can use with the family to enjoy lunch or dinner. With some old artsy decorations and ornaments, and they used a lot of wood element here. However, the arrangements were very homey even with the fancy chandeliers and wine glasses on the table.


Tempayan also have a private room for your needs. Located at the corner of the room with a door that have a quite catchy colors, green and blue, this red painted private room can accommodate approximately up to 15 people. Accommodated with a plasma TV, large table and wooden benches. The room decor is also vintage and interesting.


This is our first time coming here. Accompanied with Virginia the PR of this amazing place and Ibu Titi Rahardjo herself, we tried some of their menu. The first one is Nasi Goreng Kulit Ayam, is one of the signature menu from this original theme Indonesian culture restaurant. Savory rice with soy sauce flavor that is quite thick also there’s shredded chicken, cabbage, mustard greens.


Not only that, this fried rice is also equipped with a sprinkling of shredded meat around it. And also pieces of fried chicken skin cooked with bacem herbs. Sweet and savory flavors blend perfectly in this Indonesian cuisine. Sambal Bajak who becomes the ideal blend of spicy and savory sour taste of pickles. Blend of textures and flavors that vary make the fried rice becomes very yummy.


Another menu is Sate Ayam Sindoro. The chicken satay with peanut sauce is very tasty and tender. The chicken is cooked very well. Not charred and cooked very good from outside into the inside. The dish served  with soy sauce with sliced peppers, red onions, and fresh tomatoes.


We also have the chance to try their Udang Bakar Dewata. This grilled tiger prawns is also a-must-try menu here. They marinate the prawns with their menu recipes that have been made for generations. This dish served together with vegetables and soy sauce.


Tempayan, the name itself is taken from a container, placed in front of the house in antiquity that contains water and is provided for the traveler who wants to obtain drinking water. Thus, the owner wanted this place to be a place for everyone who wants to eat, relax, and enjoy live music.



Jl. Ampera Raya No. 120 AA
Kemang – South Jakarta
Phone: +6221 7820 530; +62877 80000 102
Email: tempayanresto@gmail.com

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