Bistronomy Jakarta: Where The Unique and Elegant Concept Meets Fine Dining

I got this assignment for another food review yesterday. As you know am now playing a role as a feature editor on a cool web called whatsnewjakarta.com. A leading  online guide in Jakarta since 2006, especially for expats ;) We provide the articles of new places to hangout, dining places, promos, aannndd lots of things, I love it! This means I got the chance to meet new people and try new things, including new food to craved!

This time, my assignment goes to Bistronomy Jakarta, a homey bistro with sophisticated food concepts with variety of menu from Asian to Western. International Kawano newest restaurant with beautiful, chic, vintage and a touch of classiness on the table setting and cutlery. Carvings on the ceiling full of detail and added a feminine touch. Lights hung mix & match. Eclectic style is impressive. They even purposely hired an interior design from France to create a semi fine dining with homey and chic atmosphere. I'm not alone, my friend Julia from whatsnewjakarta.com come along too ;) Well, I'm gonna need somebody to help me finish the dishes, rite?!

New trend setter has been present in Jakarta. A unique bistro and gastronomy concept blended as the first one in South Jakarta. Bistronomy called Bistro offers a relaxed bistro concept and homey, but serves a selection of elegance-sophisticated food and beverages. Bistronomy be the first bistro in Jakarta which has a taste of fine dining.

Bistronomy are located in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta offers homey and relaxed atmosphere, presenting religious Bistronomy menu of western dishes, Asian dishes, to a collection of drinks such as wine and sake.
I was pleased to meet Ms. Ako Miyagi, a pretty lady who made the kitchen as her throne. The Japanese chef who have traveled and cook in the same time for over 20 years. She has been in Bistronomy for about 7 months and still had no time to explore Jakarta. Her time was always out in the kitchen and do her job. As she always trying to make new creations in cooking and menu, she told me that she really have no time to hangout.

“I have no time to socialize, I think it is because of I really love my job, in the kitchen, hahaa...,” Ako laugh as she’s blushing when I asked her about her 7th month in Jakarta. She was a chef in a Holland for 5 years, 3 years in Switzerland, and South France for 4 years before she decided to come to Jakarta.

While I was making a great conversation with Ako, a waiter tossed me this colorful drink called Bistronomy Kiss. A fresh signature that you can only find in Bistronomy. Mixed martini, bacardi, pineapple juice, with additional pieces of kiwi fruit, apples, and also pineapple. Very fresh for those who enjoy an unwind afternoon after a hard day's work.

The beautiful lady offers me to have Salmon Ceviche as an appetizer. Its main ingredient is definitely salmon. They use salmon imported from Norway. This is actually a fresh seafood dish originating from South America. This fresh dish is presented along with a special sauce made ​​by Ako. With the sauce that comes from mango fruit, and 3 kinds of sliced ​​colorful paprika. The salmon is so tender, that it seemed to self-destruct in the mouth. The sauce was also tasty, and also looks very attractive dish. Appetizing much before I go to the main course!

For the main course, Ako suggested me to have Steak Rossini. Beef steak and foie gras steak with fruity red wine sauce. It was delicious! The beef was medium-well and still have the crunchy thing when I got my first bite. The taste itself was so rich, and the red wine sauce was fitted with the beef and it has apple sliced on the corner of the plate. Yum!

“Bistronomy also have attractive packages, such as the package for you who want to purpose for their lover, the price offered is inclusive of food and drinks. Or for those of you who want to make a pre-wedding photos, also can book a place here," Grace Tanod, the Marketing Communication Supervisor told me while the waiter give me one fine French Coffee.

The coffee was also great, it was hot and a bit bitter. Of course, it containing cognac in it. Ha! It was a lovely afternoon. But there was another thing you have to try here, it is Mousse au Chocolat. It’s a belgian chocolate mousse. It was cool, sweet, and have a sliced strawberry on top.

Semi-vintage on their standing bar, victorian-retro on their dining area, you name it, Bistronomy have them all! As you can see from the floral pattern they use for the cushions, light wooden big table, lot of wood application for their walls, and big dark purple lamp above our head, well, gorgeous!

Julia and me after the review ;)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Thurs : 11am-11pm , Fri – Sun     : 11am-02am
Address      : Jalan Ciranjang (Ciniru 1 No.2), Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta.
Phone         : (021) 7396655
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