Dapour Resto at Century Park Hotel Jakarta

The concept is founded in the the mystical and flavorful history of Indonesian culture and cuisine. Dapour is made to showcase this rich diversity and cultural heritage by creating a great tasting local fare prepared in the traditional artisan fashion and adding own bespoke pan Asian touch to create a new, exciting and truly international experience reflective of the vibrant, exciting modern Indonesia that we live in.

Across the Archipelago cuisine and eating plays a special place, not only the local varieties and specialties that make up much of the regional and national identity but the social rituals and hospitality surrounding food in Indonesia. A country blessed with an immense diversity of ingredients almost unmatched anywhere in the world Indonesia’s food is both as diverse as it is delicious.

I got the honor to review the main menu of this amazing place yesterday. I was so welcomed by the warm ambience and very amazing decoration. The chef himself Chef Bento, who has almost 20 years of experiences in this hospitality industry made us Norwegian Grilled Salmon, served with lemon butter sauce, fresh salad, and mashed potato, yummm…

And the afternoon was getting warm as the Oxtail Soup was ready to served. As a local most wanted dish, this menu is very popular. “People are always asking for our Oxtail Soup, especially on lunch time,” Edward Sugiharto as the Relationship Manager told us during the food review.

The Oxtail Soup was amazing, not like other oxtail soup, Dapour has its own way to cook this Indonesian specialties dish. Braised traditional oxtail soup, diced vegetables, with lots of samin oil to fade away the fat on soup. This menu goes together with rice, sambal hijau, and emping crackers.

Besides the amazing food, we all got the chance to look around the restaurant. They have some exclusive private dining rooms. It is the part of Dapour with a striking private space where the luxury and elegance, the surprising flair of Alvin’s T Arts design meets the culinary signature of Century Park Hotel. 

The decoration was very unique. Each private room has its own theme for decoration. Not much ornaments, but it feels so Indonesia. The compliments are also provided to fill you needs, such as LCD and On-Screen Projector, WIFI, Free Flow Coffee, Tea, and Juices. Personal Services is also available if you need something.

I was very pleased to be acompanied by Jessica, my boss at WhatsNewJakarta, to meet Edo and Tri as the Century Park Hotel's Relationship Manager and Senior Marketing Manager to have this wonderful review at Dapour.

                                                                        Tri, Me ;), Chef Bento, Jessica, and Edo

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