Wooden Dance Floor on HotRod Garage

Still on Saturday this week, after having meal and dinner at Friends52 Steak & Coffee, me and my girlfriends decided to spent the rest of the night at HotRod Garage. It's a cafe, umm...nope, its more like a pub, bar, and a restaurant. Placed in Jalan Raya Antasari, we found very near from the place we had our dinner earlier.

Pony - Jessica - Indah - Me ;) - Jasmine - Echa

That was my second arrival there, and yet still attracted by the ornaments of the cafe. On the front, there were a sofa made similar to an old car. Yea, the concept itself is oldskol, they even have a knitting machine on the corner, and the pictures on the wall looks like hundreds years ago.

More step to the inside, we found a very different concept. A long bar with a giant screen playing the dance musics, and lots of bench and sofas on the corner. Me and the girls took a step on the dance floor and the night was our own! It was quiet that night, the owner, Ony, say hi to us and said that the night was really quiet. Not too much guests come here at night, well, I guess that's none of the problem me and my friends should have, rite?

The dance floor was amazing, I guess this is the only place that have a wooden floor as a dance floor ;) But we don't mind, not at all! The lights are also amazing, we did enjoy our night-out.

We took some snacks, and drinks. Dance until midnight and then we go home. I love my weekend!

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