STARK Bierhaus - Perfect Beer and Food in a Friendly Environment!

Experience the world of Stark Beer! For its first and flagship retail space, Stark presents a multi dimensional experience that can be found inside its Bierhaus. Find yourself amused by a giant screen where you can watch your favourite football team played. Beer garden, German bar, European food, acoustic stage, here where you can find the excitement after a full day with work.

Consisting of 3 different spaces in 1, the main area, the Bierhaus itself takes the majority of the space, where visitors can dine, drink and dance inside an industrial brewery environment. Adjascent to the Bierhaus are the Bierstube and Biergarten, the former is a deli style eatery facing the interior of Plaza Indonesia's eX, where visitors can grab a quick bite of this place’s signature sausage and deli meat sandwiches, as well as six packs of Stark Beers on the go or to be consumed in house. The later is a semi outdoor area facing the busy main road of Thamrin, for a much more casual ambience.

The food in all 3 areas are generally European with emphasis towards German. The food, Stark Bierhaus also giving you their mainstay menu. You can try Eisbein Berliner, curved and sliced pork knuckle Berliner style served with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. This delicious main course you’ll have to pre-order in 3 hours before you decided to come over and dine in, well, it worth the wait!

If you got lots of time to hangout with friends, you can choose this sharing dishes. This menu is perfectly for like 5 persons, Bonanza, huge selection of sausages with your choice of condiments such as french fries or bakked potatoes with slices of onion. Share this with friends and enjoy the ambience here. Perfect!

Care for eating meatloaf? This great place also give you the menu. Leberkaese is a German meatloaf with fried egg and roast potatoes. There’s also this menu, Wiener Schnitzel, breaded veal loin, Vienna style served with roast potatoes and mixed salad. Not to forget, you can have this crazy sweet indulgence for dessert, Apple-strudel with Vanilla sauce and off course: Ice Cream! Yumm...

Stark Bierhaus, never mention it without giving a chance of yourself to have their signature drinks. Yup, the beers! This place also served a low-carb beers, so you can never get fat or having a trouble with distended belly. On tap, Stark have 3 favourite; Stark Wheat, Stark Dark Wheat, and Stark Low Cab. This place only served beers with 20% carb reduse, so, how many glass did you take? Don’t worry, you’ll still have your good shape on.

For cocktails, there’s also great choices, for you women, this sweet flavoured Stark Dark Wheat with topping off a hard shaken mix of bailey’s, creme de cacao brown and tennese whiskey can be your perfect sweetness beverage. Or you can give a chance to your tounge to taste Flavored Beer with lychee, peach, apple, and also passion fruit. Dr. Pepper might also giving you the great night out, contains with Stark Low Carb, mixed with cassis and sambuca, served with a shot of tequila.

Stark Bierhaus experience you with food, drinks and also amusement. This lounge bar and dinning also provide you billiard table, dart game area, karaoke, and also a room with playstation and Wii that you can play with friends and colleagues after a hard day of working.
Stark Bierhaus is located in Plaza Indonesia's entertainment Xenter (eX). Opening hours are 10AM to 1AM on weekdays and 3AM on weekends. Perfect beer friendly food for perfect beer in a friendly environment!

STARK Bierhaus
Jl. MH Thamrin, kav 13 unit L2#EX-07T, Jakarta 10350
RSVP   : 0822 6179 7888
BB pin : 29837D58
Location: Plaza Indonesia's entertainment Xenter (eX) Jl. MH Thamrin, kav 13 unit L2#EX-07T, Jakarta 10350
Email: starkbierhaus@opco-indonesia.com

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