Balboni Ristorante, One Stop Cozy Maker in a Busy Business Area

Balboni is a casual Italian restaurant infused with South East Asian flavors, located in Casablanca area, in the middle of a busy office region. The dinning hours are  from 11 am to 11 pm on weekdays, and expand to 2 am on weekends, so this is the perfect area where you can get relaxed after a full day of working. 

There are 3 areas that will give you different ambience; you can have your liquor, cocktails, and beers in an island bar lighted up with century old Petromax Lamps located right in front of the main entrance. The second area spreads inside the restaurants, contains with vintage tables and chairs with table lamps that appears like a romantic candles, in the evening the candles will be switch on to give you the romantic vibe. And the third area is the beautiful outdoor, illuminated by lamps with a big tent that will warmth your night in a big cozy sofa. Feel the  breeze and enjoy your dinner here with the love ones might be the perfect idea, or you can also booked this big cozy sofa for a group of friends/family with minimum spend at 2million it is a guarantee to become best intimate venue to spend quality times.

At Balboni, nothing is more than  30 hours old. Their main focus is to provide a product which is fresh and contemporary. Balboni also gives you an open kitchen and  a great view for the costumers where they can see their food cooked or prepared. The  casual indoor and outdoor dining concept will give you the best experience enjoying the Italian recipe with an unique twist and also a magnificent bar serving you the best wines and cocktails in town.

Balboni’s Corporate Chef – Ivan Tarrago  had made sure all the signatures dishes are made from the finest and freshest imported ingredients. This one is the most recommended, it’s The Pesce or fish menu, called Branzino Alla Griglia Con Salsa Mediterranean. Branzino means sea bass, is a fresh cubes of sea bass filet, marinated in olive oil, 2 droops of lemon juice, curry leaves, salt and pepper, and then grilled on the flat top grill, just sealed. The cheff marinade the vegetables, curgette, green and red capsicum with the same marination of the fish, add in the sea bass try and  finish in the oven. For the Mediterranean tomato sauce, they use Rosemary, Olives, Tomato, Garlic, Parsley, Red wine vinegar, Extra virgin Olive oil, Tomato peeled and cut in cube, same with the olives. At the last minute they heat in the pan and top the fish with the sauce and the grill asparragus. This will make you have the experience to explore the taste of Asian and Italian in one dish.

And there are also other irresistible dishes you should try, Antipasti, the classic beef peperoni and potato chips. Is a pepperoni sausage variety of Italian salami made from cured beef, served in a thinly slices mixed with local chili flakes and cucumber pickle and extra virgin olive oil. It’s a good dish, the beef is sliced very thin, and so the seasoning works very well in it.

For the desert, we have been suggested to taste the famous and most request desert which is The Durian Pannacotta, durian flavored in milk with cinnamon crumble and orange comfiture, it also has lady fingers chopped on top. It takes 12 hours to make this desert, the durian is infused with milk mixed together and the butter scotch poured in the buttom and put them in the chiller for 1 hour. This is one of the most elegant fantastic desert in Balboni. 

You can always have cocktails everywhere, but here in Balboni, the only place you can have special Balboni Signature Cocktails called L.T.B which is Lemon Tequila Beer, this one is made special by Daniel Alexander – Balboni’s F&B Manager. The taste is so light yet so rich, which contains those 3 ingredients blend in measures by quality and perfections leave you a specials taste you won’t get in any resto bars. 

Another signatures beverage at  Balboni is Balboni’s Tropicana. The name Tropicana, derives from the fruits and liquors used in this drink, there is Coconut Liquor, Banana Liquor, Melon Liquor and Fresh Pineapple juice with our own homemade sweet and sour mix. So when you put all the ingredients together and when it passes your lips you feel like you could be in a tropical country !!! All the ingredients are blended with ice and then served in a pineapple shell giving you a sensational taste and unlimited fresh feeling!

Craved for smoothies and healthy juices? Balboni also have Strawberry and pineapple smoothies, a fresh strawberry, pineapple, and natural yoghurt might perfect to drink after a rush day!

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