Enjoy Jakarta Nightlife!

Jakarta is pretty much to be enjoyed. The places are spreading in many areas in Jakarta. Therefore, if you need to get a better picture on how to enjoy Jakarta's nightlife, maybe you should check out on your close area and what’s the recommended thing to do.

WhatsNewJakarta is having this new program, What’s New Crazy Mondays. Red square is one of the best nightclub in Jakarta who join the program. This late party place has large vodka-based cocktail selections. At the 9 meter vodka bar, you will be amazed with the bartender show. The interior is playing color between red and black also the stainless furniture that creates the party look. http://whatsnewjakarta.com/content/detail/1773/Crazy-Mondays-at-Red-Square-Jakarta


Starting its location right in the heart of the city on the Hotel Indonesia roundabout (Bunderan HI), Immigrant aims to capture the glamorous feel of a classic bar-and-lounge, while injecting a fresh twist on the concept. You might want to visit and enjoy the nite here. http://whatsnewjakarta.com/directories/detail/260/IMMIGRANT

A happening house club in South Jakarta, popular hangout place in town! Dragonfly is patronized by an entertaining mix of models, artists, and business people. It’s very easy to make new friends here, because the crowds are flows. The music is loud and the lighting is very friendly. Go with a bunch of friends, book a table, and order by the bottle, and you’ll be guaranteed a good time! http://whatsnewjakarta.com/directories/detail/125/Dragonfly

Diagonale Club, as one of the many nightclubs in the city of Jakarta, proved to spoil the clubbers. With a bar and lounge concept, here is the gathering place of Jakarta socialite, celebrities and clubbers who want to spend the night. http://whatsnewjakarta.com/directories/detail/353/Diagonale-Lounge-Bar


Diagonale is exclusively designed for your comfort and needs of relaxing place yet fun. It has interesting drink promos everyday like BUY 1 GET 1, Happy Hour, Wine promos, etc. Besides some delightful drinks, Diagonale also serve palatable foods and toothsome desserts that you can enjoy with family or friends.

Afterhour, a place where you can finally relaxed after a long day work. With 20 full-sized table and a sbooker table, Afterhour has become a well known “billiards” bar in town. So much more than just a pool house, there are also DJ decks and games galore. http://whatsnewjakarta.com/directories/detail/10/Afterhour

The Menara BCA has 57th floor and is 230 meters high. Located on its 56th floor, SKYE's main attraction will obviously be the view over the city's skyline. This place you really wanna hangout in! With its unique Southern-American influence on its architecture and interior design, SKYE comprise of spacious indoor and outdoor areas where it offers its patrons a one-of-a-kind panoramic view of the city's horizons as they are invited to indulge in a sumptuous selection of signature dishes and drinks. http://whatsnewjakarta.com/directories/detail/381/SKYE-Jakarta

Don’t let the shopping mall location fools you, this is one of the most popular (and packed) three-in-one clubs in town. X2 plays house and progressive music. http://whatsnewjakarta.com/directories/detail/442/X2-Club-with-Equinox-Vintage-Ego-Ultra-Lounge-Pier9 

Dress up and come to an upscale club filled with young professional and societies from Jakarta’s night scene. Blowfish offers trendy food options as well as full bar options. This place is one of the most popular club among the Jakarta elite. The music is good though, usually Rnb and on weekends it's always crowded. The club has foreign DJs regularly, and good ones, making it a very happening night club. Apart from the bar and the club, there is an excellent italian restaurant, Puro, which just introduced a popular "recession Menu". http://whatsnewjakarta.com/directories/detail/45/Blowfish

A club called Prive took over the location at the top floor of fX Lifestyle X’enter Sudirman. Offers you and your gang a wide open area so you can have fun dancing and clubbing. Check out the restaurant ; Mezza 9, where you can enjoy casual dining, and also the Poolside Lounge a spot where you can sit and enjoy a view of the skyscrapers of Jakarta at night. Yes, it’s your choice of being spoiled with a three in one experience! http://whatsnewjakarta.com/content/detail/457/Prive-The-New-Pleasure-in-Jakarta


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