Feel New York Ambience and Have a Cup of Art in 2madison

The New York ambience becoming very close to its original idea with the New Yorkers music are playing. This is actually a gallery where you can enjoy Indonesian artists work of art together with a place where you can hangout and chill.

This company PT Madison Mahacipta, engaged in the lifestyle store, art gallery, and e-magz, 2madison.com has great vision to invite the young Indonesian artists to collaborate, introduce, and market their works to the people of Indonesia and the world through the Online Designer Gallery

“We dreamed of introducing Indonesia handicraft, not the product of upscale designers already have a name, or the genius scientist who sell high value. But creative people who don’t know where to share their ideas,” Maggie H. Eddy as one of the founder and director give us a brief explanation on press conference Wednesday (3/10).
2madison Eatery consists of three floors, the ground floor is the café with the dining table and a bar, second floor and third floor of the gallery as a private office with a different feel and design but still has some similarity. Another uniqueness of 2madison is a lifestyle store, cafe and also a gallery where visitors are not only pampered with delicious food and drink, but also the unique furniture with variety of designs can be purchased at a very reasonable price. And off course, originally Indonesian!

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