El Asador - Enjoy South American Wood Open Fire Grill in The Heart of South Jakarta

Kemang is well known as the heart of culinary experience ideas, and this one is new in the neighborhood! A unique an authentic South American eatery named El Asador.

El Asador bases its whole culinary philosophy on the Latin asado method and indeed the parrilla (grill) here is the most attraction of the meet grilling technique with an open fire. 

Most people in Uruguay cook meat in a grill by using a wood stove in the hot temperatures. This may be practically new for Indonesian people because we usually grilling meat on the grill using charcoal or firewood. This unique technique is what El Asador restaurant trying to introduce. "Asado" literally means a specific cut of beef ribs, and “El Asador” means ‘the barbecuer’. Barbecuing for an “Asador” is an art that requires patience and diligence.

The restaurant is dominated by raw bricks and wooden ornament. The smell of the grilled meat from the parrilla assured us that we were actually in a grill house. Owner and manager Eugenio Doldan welcomed us on our visit last Saturday. He was really warm and showed us the cooking process by using the parrilla. The El Asador’s parrilla is definitely the restaurant’s central focal point and gets its own personal chamber, right next to the bar. Fuelled by wood, the adjustable grill here is a true testament to this superb South American cooking technique. 

Euginio is also the man behind the parrilla and served us some stellar offerings, everything from those legendary asado (beef ribs) and churrasco (rib eye) to chorizo and chicken cutlets. It was cooked a little longer, but it really worth the wait!

The asado was tender made it a perfect asado, as it’s important to be able to take a bite off a rib without having the whole thing fall apart in one’s hands. Our churrasco had also been flawlessly cooked and sported a sensational crusty exterior, which was complemented by a juicy red interior.

This is a unique dining experience, a must have for meat lovers! Brings you the authentic experience of South American cuisine in Jakarta. The deals is truly good, 350k/pax for meat on stellar offerings, it’s meat lovers’ paradise! All the grill orders here comes with the Traditional distinctive South American sauces Chimichurri, Spicy Chimichurri, Salsa Criolla, Spicy Salsa Criolla, Salsa Criolla el Especial, and Bapak Barbeque sauce.

Get ready for some Salsa actions every Wednesday at El Asador! There will be Salsa dance class with professional instructor from 7-9PM and Salsa dance floor with live band from 9-12AM!

 Me, eugenio doldan, and madam jessica ;)

El Asador
Kemang Point Building
Ground Floor
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 3

Phone: 021-7182206

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